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Our American soldiers fought for our freedom, yes, but mostly they fought for their families - that they might practice their religion, traditions and customs free from what they felt was the tyranny of the enemy; they fought for their communities that they might continue to exist; and they fought for their buddies that they might live.  On occasion, they fought for complete strangers in foreign lands that those people might also have peace.  The soldier while in service does not have the option of questioning the wisdom, or the right or wrong of his war.  He must follow the legal orders of his commanders.  This places the moral imperative on the politicians, leaders and commanders who put the lives of our soldiers in harm's way to ensure that the fight is righteous, unavoidable and necessary.   Our country's leaders must remember that the blood of the injured and dead, both military and civilian, is on their hands; they must answer to the judgement of history and our citizens for the lives of the soldiers and oridinary people, both American and foreign, damaged or lost in war. Too often our leaders take this burden too lightly.

On these pages we recognize our family members who have served America in times of conflict and times of peace. Veterans are listed by the period of war in which they served, whether in combat or other duties.

Our Family in American Wars

Colonial Indian Wars

The American Revolution

War of 1812

War With Mexico

U.S. Civil War

Spanish American War

World War I

World War II

Korean War

Vietnam War

Iraq & Afganistan


Ronald N. Wall
Revised: 23 January 2023