Some Useful Links to Genealogy Websites

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These are additional websites devoted to some of the surnames found on ours.

Whiteside Family Association This is the home site of the Whiteside Family Association (WFA). The Whiteside and Whitsett families have now been closely linked by yDNA studies. Several  Whitsett and Whitsitt males are participating in the project, which confirms that all these families come from the same British clan. If you are a male Whitsett, Whitsitt or some other variation of the name, don't pass this up. For more information please visit the web site  (yDNA is only passed from father to son).

Clifford Family Website, Generation Four, Cliffords New Jersey to Pennsylvania and Beyond By Hugh F. Clifford; information on Joseph and Mary (Clifford) Whitsett who settled in Kentucky from Fayette County, Pennsylvania. This family is perhaps related to the family of Samuel and Maggie (Tuttle) Whitsett/Whitsitt of Montgomery Co., Ky.

Bachman/Baughman Ancestors Mainly Baughman family genealogy, but Many other related families

John Wall's Family Tree The family of John Wall is not related to our Wall family. If you are looking for other Wall families try this site.

Walter Westfall's Westfall Genealogy Walter is the descendants of Lovie Katherine Kraushaar and Walter Edward Westfall

Free Research Sites and How-To Guides

History at Home: A Guide to Genealogy, by HomeAdvisor

Household Home Genealogy Guide for 2019 A Guide to Finding the Best DNA Ancestry Testing

Ohio River Valley Families

The LDS Family Search Web Site Fully searchable LDS database of over 80,000 related individuals

Roots Web - one of the oldest on-line genealogy websites

Ethel Regan's Ethel Regan says, "My family template section has over 20 pages of completely downloadable free family tree charts.'s mandate is to provide as much free online genealogy resources as possible and it's constantly being updated. To keep my website entirely free, I do have Google ads on my website to help pay for some of the extra bandwidth."

Cyndi's List (thousands of links) Try Cyndi's List - You can add names and brief biographical data from your own research

Find A Grave Continously updated. You can add your own information and photos of graves.

Civil War Soldiers and Sailors If you are looking for data on your Civil War ancestors, both Union and Confederate, this Yahoo site provides several links

Historical Ellis Island - find your ancestors who came to America from Europe at the turn of the century. This page is a tour guide and history of Ellis Island. There are links on the home page to search the Ellis Island database. Immigrants processed through Ellis Island and arrivals in the port of New York from 1892 through 1957. Thanks to Barbara and Bridget Lincoln for this link. Emily Fletcher volunteers to help people find their family history via online courses and guides, educating the general public on how to find their family history.


Alabama Department of Archives & History

Tennessee State Library and Archives

Secretary of State Missouri Archives


Crawford County Arkansas Crawford County site was under construction the last time I checked

Lauderdale County, Alabama

Lauderdale County Cemeteries

Jackson County, Missouri


Don't over look these just because they charge fees for many of their resources. They often have free specials to attract new subscribers.

Family Tree DNA Whiteside Family DNA Profiles If you have a DNA profile for yourself or a Whiteside/Whitsett ancestry you may find matches on this site genealogy web site Ancestry often has free access to various databases to lure you into subscribing. Take advantage of the free offers. I have had a subscription to for many years and it has been invaluable to my own research

Family Tree Maker Online The famous Family Tree Maker retailer

Family Tree Magazine Genealogy articles, advice and links

Fold3 (Historical Military Information) Focuses on historical events of the U.S. Military but has few names of individual military members.

GENBASE - The DNA Ancestry Project for both male (yDNA) and female (mtDNA) DNA lines.

Birth, Marriage and Death Records in the U.K. - Birth, marriage, and death certificates in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. See the site for charges. I appreciate feedback about their services if you purchase documents this site. I was pleased with pleased with the results of my requests.


These sites are liable to change at any time. Please email me if you find any broken links

Ronald N. Wall
Modified: 18 June 2019