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This material is for personal use only.  You may not use any of these documents for commercial purposes.  You may not sell or charge a fee for access to these documents.  You may make copies of these documents provided these copyright restrictions are clearly stated to any and all recipients.  If you use any of this material in your own research, manuscripts, web pages, etc. please give the proper credit to me, this web site and anyone else identified as a contributor to this work.


COMPUTER VIRUSES:  These files were clean when I put them on the Internet server.  I trust that my Internet host's server is safe and secure; however, always take precautions when downloading these or any other files from the Internet.  First and most importantly, be certain you have a reliable and UP-TO-DATE anti-virus program on your computer. If you do not, you are vulnerable to viruses simply by surfing the web - whether you download files or not.


These files are not simply copies of my web pages.  The family history booklets are in PDF format and require Adobe's reader which is free from Adobe's web site. You can print the documents from the reader. The following link will take you to the Adobe web site.

It is my intention to eventually make all of my family history narratives available on-line. You may also request copies on CD-ROM.  There is a $5.00 postage and handling charge for CD's.  Please send your request to: Ron Wall, 600 S. Main St., Muldrow, OK 74948. Allow 14 days for delivery.


Steps to download files:

1. Click on the document name
2. Depending on the security level set in your browser, you may get a warning about downloading files with a recommendation not to do it.
3. If you trust me, continue
4. I recommend you create a new folder under "My Documents." I usually call mine "Downloads."
5. Once the file is downloaded open your anti-virus software and scan the file. If it is clean you are safe.


PDF Documents

(click on title to download)

History of Our Whitsett Family of Lauderdale County, Alabama (2.8MB)
James Simeon Whitsett, Civil War Guerrilla (810 kb) updated version as of May 30, 2007
Pennsylvania Whitsett and Whitesides-The Irish Immigrant Families (3MB)
Mystery Of Whitsitt Mismatched yDNA (Kentucky, Indiana, Missouri)

Trowbridge Family History (727 kb)
Wall Family Origins (2.1 mb)

Westfall Family History (830 kb)

If you encounter any problems downloading any of these files, please let me know.



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