Remembering those ancestor veterans who served their communities during the years of the French and Indian War until the American Revolution

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The French and Indian War was a conflict between two European Powers, the English and the Frence but it came to Colonial America on the frontiers of New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Virginia. It became a battle for land between white settlers and Native Americans that extended to after the American Revolution with brief interludes of peace. The hostilities between white colonists and Native American often erupted when colonists encroached upon tribal lands.


On October 12, 1756 Hans Noah Frederick, son of JOHANN GEORGE FREDERICK was attacked and killed by Shawnee while plowing his field on his farm at Swatara Gap in Bethel Township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.   His young son Thomas was taken to live with the Shawnee for ten years, after which he was forcibly removed from his foster Shawnee family and returned by the British to Lancaster.  October, 1756 a letter from Adam Read to Provincial Council concerning attacks by Indians and pleading for assistance [spelling and grammar has not been altered]: "Friends and Fellow Subjects: I send you, in a few lines, the maloncholly condition of the Frontiers of this County; last Tuesday the 12 of this Instant ten Indians came on Noah Frederick plowing in his Field, killed and scalped him and carried away three of his children that was with him, the Eldest but Nine Years old, plundered his House, and carried away everything that suited their purpose, such as Cloaths, Bread, Butter, a Saddle and good Rifle Gun &ca, it being but two short Miles from Captain Smith's Fort, at Swatawro Gap, and a little better than two from my house." [Lancaster County, now Lebanon Co., Pennsylvania.


(Pennsylvania), Archibald McGrew was an important figure in York County, Pennsylvania.  He served as County Coroner and Justice of the Peace.  During the French and Indian War between 1754 and 1768 he was an officer of the York County Militia, beginning as a Lieutenant under Capt. Isaac Sadler, York County Militia and later with his own company as Captain; Pa. Archives, Series 1, Vol. III, pp. 20, 390, 395.


In 1757 Joseph was a Member of Captain John Taft's Second Foot Co. (French & Indian War). He was the son of Deacon John Tyler of Mendon, Massachusetts and grandson of Job and Mary Tyler.  He was born October 21, 1701 in Mendon, Massachusetts, and died December 18, 1779 in Uxbridge, Massachusetts.

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