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x I am in the process of converting the family trees on this site into family group sheets. Through trial and error I have learned that this format is a better arrangement allows me to combine family lineage, notes and sources for each family group rather than having them on separate pages. This should eliminate some of the confusion of many different menus and web pages for the same information.

Ralph Whitsett and Sarah Wilson of Pennsylvania

William Whitsett and Elizabeth Dawson

John Whitsett of Pennsylvania and North Carolina

Samuel Whitsitt and Margaret Tuttle (Tittle) of Kentucky

William Wirt Whitsett and Hadessa Crawford of Pennsylvania

Joseph Whitsett and Mary Clifford of Kentucky

John Whitsett and Sarah Thompson of Tennessee

James Whitsett and Mary Moore of North Carolina

Samuel Whitsett and Mary Stockard of North Carolina

William Whitsett and Mary Thompson of Kentucky

James Whitsett and Margaret Howell of Tennessee and Alabama



William Whitsitt of Jefferson Co., Indiana

Joseph Whitsitt, Rebecca Stewart, Mary Lemasters of Kentucky & Indiana

Ralph Whitsitt of Kentucky & Indiana

Samuel Varner Whitsitt of Kentucky

James W. Whitsett of KY and MO

John Whitsett of Lafayette Co., Missouri

James Whitsett of PA and Mecklenburg Co., NC

James Stockard Whitsett, NC and Memphis, TN

James Whitsett, Son of John, Orange Co. NC

Rev. William Whitsett of Memphis, TN

John Whitsett of PA to Rowan and Orange Co., NC

Samuel Whitsett of Orange Co., NC


Ronald N. Wall
Added: 25 December 2017