Whitsett (various spellings) genealogy, family history and photos including families from Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Tennessee, Alabama, Missouri, Arkansas, Texas and elsewhere

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Whitsett Family Histories

Family Trees







Family Histories

Our Whitsett Family of Lauderdale Co., Ala.

The Immigrant Whitsett Families of Lancaster Co., Pa.

Samuel Whitsitt & Margaret (Tittle) of Kentucky.

William Wirt Whitsett & Hadessa Crawford of Pennsylvania

Joseph Whitsett & Mary Clifford of Kentucky

Whitsett Family History by Wm. Thornton Whitsett

Annals of a Scotch-Irish Family: The Whitsitt's of Nashville, Tenn. by Dr. Wm. Heth Whitsitt

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

Whitsett Research Projects

The yDNA Project

Mystery Of The Mismatched yDNA In The Whitsitt Family of Kentucky and Missouri

African American Whitsett Families


James Simeon Whitsett Civil War Guerrilla

Biographical Sketch of James Simeon Whitsett, 1896

Professor William Thornton Whitsett

Dr. William Heth Whitsitt

Rev. William Whitsett (1780-ca.1860)


Family Trees & Charts

Whitsett's of Lauderdale Co., Alabama

Descendants of Samuel Whitsett of Ireland

Samuel and Margaret Whitsitt of Montgomery Co., Kentucky

The Whitsett's of Whitsett, Pennsylvania

James Whitsett Orange Co., NC

Samuel Whitsett Orange Co., NC

John Whitsett of Sumner County, Tennessee

Rev. William Whitsett, Memphis, Tennessee

James S. Whitsett of Orange Co., NC And Memphis, Tennessee

William and Eleanor Menees Whitsitt of Nashville

Albert and Rebecca Whitsett of Rockingham Co., NC - Former Slaves of James and Alfred M. Whitsett

Genealogy  Research of Rachel Glennie Collier:

The Ancestors and Descendants of Ancil Bassett Whitsett of Oklahoma


Lauderdale Co., Alabama Whitsett genealogy files (GEDCOM *.txt, FAMILY TREE MAKER and PDF versions)

Source Data

Lauderdale Co., Alabama Records

North Carolina Records

Whitsett Marriages

Civil War Military Records

Various Whitsett Sources

James Whitsett of Orange Co, NC

Samuel Whitsett of Orange Co. NC

William Whitsitt of Nashville

John Whitsett of Sumner Co. TN

James Simeon Whitsett

Shelby County, TN Sources

Sue's UDC Membership

In honor of her great-great grandfather Sgt. Wm. Wallace Whitsett, CSA who died for his cause

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Whitsett Photo Albums

Descendants of Alabama Whitsett Families
Wilson Whitsett Family
Isaac Whitsett Family
Joe Whitsett Family
John Whitsett Family
Our Whitsett Family
Family of Nick Whitsett

Other Whitsett Families
John & Sarah Whitsitt
Grandparents of a First Lady

Ralph Crawford Whitsett Family of Whitsett, Pennsylvania

Albert and Rebecca Whitsett of Rockingham Co., NC

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