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General Whitsett Sources

Immigrant Ancestors Source Images

Pennsylvania Sources (unfinished)

James Whitsett of Kentuck Facts and Sources

John Whitsett Sr. of Missouri Facts and Sources

Joseph Whitsett of Indiana Facts and Sources

James Whitsett of Orange Co., NC

John Whitsitt of Sumner Co., TN

Samuel of North Carolina

Whitsett yDNA Charts

Mystery of yDNA Stewart Whitsitt of MO, KY




Whitsett Bride and Groom Records, Alphabetical by State

Grooms - Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia

Brides - Alabama, Georgia

Grooms - Illinois, Indiana

Brides - Illinois, Indiana

Grooms - Kentucky

Brides - Kentucky

Grooms - Mississippi, Missouri

Brides - Mississippi, Missouri

Grooms - North Carolina, Oregon

Brides - North Carolina, Oregon

Grooms - Tenn., Texas, Virginia

Brides - Tenn., Texas, Virginia

GED/Family Tree Files Lauderdale Co., AL

Adam Whitsett of Lauderdale Co., Alabama

Adam Whitsett Estate Records, pg 124

Adam Whitsett Estate Record pg 125

Whitsett's of Lauderdale Co., Alabama

Isaac Whitsett Family, Lauderdale Co. AL

Lauderdale Co., Alabama Census records


James Simeon "Sim" Whitsett Quantrill Raider

Whitsett, Whitsitt Confederate Army Veterans

Whitsett, Whitsitt Union Army Veterans

Whitsitt's of Nashville, TN

Guardian Bond, Orphans of James Whitside, NC


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