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The Old German Reformed Church Cemetery, Chippewa Township, Wayne County

Map showing the location of the Emanuel United Church of Christ Cemetery (the old Waltz "High" Church) northeast of Doylestown and south of Wadsworth

Our ancesstor Christian Wahl/Wall, born in Germany November 27, 1779, son of Johan Michael Wahl, Died in Wadsworth on October 24, 1853. He came from Union County, Pennsylvania and settled in Chippewa Township southeast of Doyleston in 1824. He moved to Wadsworth about 1840. He married first Catherine Baughman on May 21, 1804 in Northampton County, Pennsylvania. They had eleven children, all of whom lived in Medina County.

Wife Anna Catherine Baughman was the daughter of Nicholas Bachman/Baughman and Catherine Kindt. She was born in Lowhill Township, Northampton County, Pennsylvania on December 16, 1785 and died in 1837 at the age of 57 in Chippewa Township. This stone is now missing, but was photographed in 1979 by my Aunt Florence and Uncle Ira Wall located next to Christian's grave. We cannot be certain, but this is most likely her grave stone.

Mariah Magdalena Baughman Feller was Catherine's sister and Christian's second wife. She married first Jacob Feller (1786-1830) in Northampton County, Pennsylvania. After Jacob's death she came to Ohio and married Christian on October 12, 1837. She was born on May 23, 1788 in Lowhill Township, Northampton County (now Lehigh Co.) and died in Wadsworth on May 28, 1865. She and Christian had no children.

"Kitty" wife of Paul Wall (son of John and grandson of Christian) was Catherine Anna Seiberling, born about 1831 and died September 1, 1854 in Wadsworth.

Anna was the infant daughter of Daniel B. Wall and Abigail Geiger. Daniel was the son of John and grandson of Christian. She died in Wadsworth.


Woodlawn Cemetery, Wadsworth

These photos are from Find A Grave, Woodlawn Cemetery. Please Visit findagrave.org and enter the appropriate name for photo credit and memorial ID.

Benjamin Tyler, 3x great grandfather. He was born in Uxbridge, Massachusetts on February 22, 1796, son of Solomon Tyler and Mary Archer. He died in Wadsworth on March 20, 1875. Benjamin came to Ohio with his brother Solomon before 1820.

Benjamin married Olive Brown, daughter of Abraham, probably in Norton,(then part Copley Township, Medina County) on June 15, 1820. She was born in Bennington, Vermont about 1794 and died on August 26, 1874 in Wadsworth.

Solomon Tyler was the brother of Benjamin Tyler, born on July 18, 1802 in Uxbridge, Massachusetts and died in Wadsworth

Solomon Tyler monument in Woodlawn.

Malcomb D. Tyler was the son of Solomon Tyler and Lucretia Cook. He was born in Ohio and died in Medina. He married Sarah Ann Collier on or about October 24, 1861.

Sarah Ann Collier, wife of Malcomb D. Tyler. The couple had three sons, Solomon E., Malcomb William (also known as William M. Tyler), and Charley R. who died at the age of one.

Infant son of Malcomb D. and Sarah Tyler, Charley R. Tyler, died Jan 31 1883 Aged 1 yr ? ds.

Badly eroded original headstone of Joseph Tyler, son of Benjamin and Olive Brown Tyler.

Newer headstone for Joseph Tyler. He was born on August 14, 1822 probably in Norton (then part of Copley Township). He died in Wadsworth.

Joseph and Eliza Ann Williams were married in Wadsworth on December 22, 1846. She was born on January 28, 1824 in Ohio and died in Wadsworth.

Rush Sebastian Tyler, son of Joseph and Eliza, was born and died in Wadsworth. He was the father of my grandmother Winifred Pearl Tyler-Wall, his only child by his first wife Laura Stannard Tyler.

Laura T. Stannard married Rush Tyler on July 1, 1875, probably in her mother's house in Montville Township (near River Styx). She was the daughter of William Stannard (c.1803-bef.1860) and Nancy Booth (1809-1889), born on August 22, 1850 in Montville and died on February 24, 1893 in Wadsworth from the effects of the 1893 influenza epidemic after suffering for months. She was my great grandmother.

Emma S. Long was the second wife of Rush. She was born in Ohio, daughter of John F. Long and Catrina Deil, and died in Wadsworth. Rush and Emma had two children, Josie Romina (1897-1965) and Loyd (1901-1988). Uncle Loyd helped me in the 1980's with the Tyler family history.

Catherine (maiden name unknown) was John's second wife. They were married sometime before 1880 probably in Wadsworth. She died in Wadsworth.

Isaac D. Wall was also the son of Christian and Catherine. He was born in Lehigh County, Pennsylvania on April 18, 1813 and died in Wadsworth Township. He married Susannah Brouse, a relative of his brother-in-law Curtis Brouse.

Susannah Brouse was born on October 10, 1812 in Pennsylvania or Ohio. She may have been the daughter of Michael Brouse, but I have no proof of this. She died in Wadsworth Township.

Daniel Wall Everhard was the son of Catherine Wall (daughter of Christian) and Jonathan Everhard. He was probably born in Sharon Township and died probably in Wadsworth.

Clara Marie (Wall) Bridgman and her first husband Platt Elson Coolman, Acme Lutheran Church Cemetery, Wadsworth, Ohio. Aunt Clara was born on the family farm in Sharon on April 20, 1905 and died in Mesa, Arizon on September 2, 1997. Her funeral was held in Wadsworth. She was married twice, to Platt on November 7, 1924, and second to Delsworth Worthy Bridgman on January 5, 1952. He died in 1967 in Akron and is buried in Cambridge, Ohio with his first wife.

Crowfoot Cemetery, Montville Township, Medina County

The cemetery was moved from just off Hwy. 57 up the hill when the road was widened. Whether the graves themselves were moved is not known. The entrance to the cemetery is at the junction of 49 and 57.

Nancy Booth Stannard was the mother of Laura Stannard Tyler. She was born May 21, 1809 in Massachusetts, the daughter of Ephrim and Nancy Booth, and died in Montville. She married William Stannard (c.1803-1850's) on January 21, 1835, probably in Massachusetts. He was born in New York and died probably in Montville. We could not find his grave or marker in Crowfoot Cemetery. They had four children, Elira, Edwin, Mary P. and Laura.

Frederick H. Stannard was the son of William and his first wife Elizabeth. He was born probably in Massachusetts c.1830 and died February 13, 1867 probably in Montville.

Edwin C. Stannard was the son of William and Nancy Booth Stannard. He was born about December 13, 1839 and died in Montville on August 13, 1870 at the age of 30 years and 8 months.

Civil War Graves Registration for Edwin C. Stannard.

Mt. Zwingli Cemetery, Sharon Township, Medina County

Mt. Zwingli is located in the south-eastern quarter of Sharon Township just west of the Medina County Line Road between Fixler and Koontz roads.

Jonas Wall, died March 8, 1897 Age 56 yrs 1 mo 7 dys. Jonas Wall headstone is now eroded and unreadable except for the word "Father" on the top edge. Jonas was the oldest child of Charles and Sophia Wall. He was born, probably in Chippewa Township, Wayne County on February 1, 1831 and died in Copley, Summit County on March 8, 1887. He married Mary Ann Geiger (1831-1903) about 1850. They had four children, two died young.

Mary Ann Wife of Jonas Wall Died Nov 5, 1903 Aged 73 Yrs 4(?) Ds. - Mary Ann Geiger and Jonas Wall were married about 1850 and lived in Sharon and Copley. Two offspring died as children, Albert and Edith (d. 1884 in Copley). A son, William H., and daughter Ellen Lucetta lived into adulthood.

Albert Son of J & M Wall Died November 11, 1861 Aged 9 (copied by Uncle Ira and Florence Wall at Mt. Zwingli in early 1980's)

Ronald N. Wall
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