Photos of My Tyler Ancestors of Wadsworth, Medina County, Ohio

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We are exceedingly fortunate to have these photos, which belonged to my grandmother Winnie (Tyler) Wall. These are by far the oldest collection in our immediate family.

Benjamin Tyler 1796-1875 - Benjamin came to Norton, Medina County, Ohio from Massachusetts in about 1816, among some of the earliest settlers in Medina County.

Olive Brown (Bartlett) Tyler 1794-1874 - Olive and Benjamin Tyler were married in Norton Township (then part of Medina County) in 1820. She was the daughter of Abraham Brown who came to Ohio from Vermont before 1820. Family ledgend claims the natorious abolitionist John Brown was a relative of Olive's. Abolitionist Brown was a native of North Elba, New York, not Ohio or Vermont, so this family legend like so many others I've come aross is probably false.

Joseph Tyler 1822-1901. Joseph was the eldest son of Benjamin and Olive had little formal education, but was apparently a very intelligent man. He joined the Navy during the Civil War and served as a Paymaster Steward (a pay clerk). After the war he was a primarily farmer but was active in politics serving as justice of peace and town trustee. After the death of his father he took over the family farm and ran it until his death.

Joseph and Eliza Williams Tyler ca.1880's. The couple were married in December 1846, possibly in Stark County.

Eliza Ann Williams Tyler 1824-1893 - Eliza was the daughter of John and Hannah Albright Williams who came to Ohio from Maryland.

Joseph married Mrs. Lucia L. (Phelps) Cunningham on October 31, 1895 after the death of his first wife, Eliza. Lucia was the widow of A.S. Cunningham, a druggist. She was born about 1830 in Ohio and died in 1916. She is buried in the Wadsworth cemetery.

Rush Sebastian Tyler 1851-1914 - son of Joseph and Eliza Williams Tyler, the middle of three children. This picture was taken sometime about 1872-1875 in Wadsworth, Ohio.

Laura T. Stanard Tyler 1850-1893 - This picture was also taken in the early years of the 1870's. Rush and Laura were married July 1, 1875. She was the daughter of William Stanard and Nancy Booth.

Nancy Booth Stanard 1809-1889 - I recently found a Booth family tree on Ancestry by James Crawford (JamesCrawford44), which finally gave me my first substantial information about Nancy's famiy. She was born in Massachusetts to Ephrim Booth and Nancy Taylor (among my grandmother's photos was a photo of Laura Taylor for whom my great grandmother Laura Stanard was named). Nancy had a brother Edwin Booth. Amoung some of my grandmother's papers that eventually came into my possession was a very old newspaper article about Edwin Booth of New York. All of it is finally coming together for me. Thank you James. And, thank you for including your sources.

I was told Laura Taylor, above, was over 100 when this photo was taken. Great Grandmother Laura Stanard Tyler was named after her. Laura's mother, Nancy Booth Stanard was the daughter of Ephrim Booth and Nancy Taylor. I'm guessing that Laura Taylor was an aunt, but in family history nothing is certain without documentation.

Young men about town - I do not have a date for this photo, but I think more than likely about 1870-72. I have no information on the young man on the right beside Rush Tyler. If you look closely you can see the stands behind them used to keep them still for the long exposures needed for photographs of the time.

Laura Stanard Tyler 1850-1893 - Again, I'm guessing, but due to her style I believe this was taken in the 1870's.

Rush and Laura ca.1875

Winifred Pearl Tyler 1876-1958 - the two front teeth usually come in between the age of nine months and one year of age. This picture must have been taken in 1877, perhaps on the occasion of her first birthday.

Winnie Tyler, age two (1878)

My grandmother, Winifred Pearl Tyler 1876-1965, (center) appears to be about 4-5 in this photo, which would make a picture taken ca.1880

Winnie Tyler ca.1886

Grandmother Winnie Tyler standing, back row. I have no information about this photo. The other people in the photo are probably Tyler relatives; however, I do not recognize any of them from photos in my collection.

Winnie Tyler and her classmates, normal school, Wadsworth, Ohio. My grandmother is the young lady seated, third from left in striped dress.

My grandmother on the right in the 1890's - the lady in the white dress between the two men appears to me to be Dolly Koppelberger. Perhaps the men were boy friends or suitors. I have no information on who they were.

My grandfather R.D. Wall (dark suit) and grandmother Winifred Tyler (far right). This photo is probably from about 1895 before they were married

Grandmother Winifred Tyler and school friend Dolly Koppleberger, Wadsworth, Ohio unknown date.

Rush Tyler and his second wife, Emma Susanna Long (1862-1940). Emma was the daughter of John Long and Catrina Deil. The couple were married on December 18, 1894. They had two children, Josie Romina and Llyod. More than likely this is a wedding photo.

My aunt Hasel Wall and step-grandmother, Emma (Long) Tyler, 1933. Aunt Hasel married Elbert Edgel in 1932.

Uncle Elbert Edgel and great uncle Lloyd Tyler, the son of Rush and Emma (Long) Tyler

My grandmother Winifred Pearl Wall. I believe this photo was taken in the 1940's before she was paralyzed.

My grandparents, Winnie (Tyler) and Reason Deforest Wall, 60th wedding anniversary, December, 1955. My grandmother died at home in Sharon on June 4, 1958.
Ronald N. Wall
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