James McGrew Trowbridge And Sarah Ann Snider - some photos of their family

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Most of these photos were rescued from a Florida estate sale by Anneth Shaw of Carrolllton, Texas and graciously donated to me in September 2013. We are in Anneth's debt for returning these to our Trowbridge family. If you are a direct descendants of Joseph Madison Trowbridge you can contact me via the email address shown on our home page. Click on photo for a larger image suitable for downloading and printing.

James McGrew Trowbridge and Sarah Ann (Snider) Trowbridge - this is a composite picture. The photos were probably taken about the turn of the century (1890-1900)

The inscription on back of the photo says, "Great Uncle Henry Snyder. My grandmother's brother. Her name was Sara Ann Snyder & she married James McGrew Trowbridge my grandfather." There are no clues as to who wrote this, but the photo was part of the James Madison Trowbridge collection (see below).

1890, Mary Ellen "Aunt Mollie" Trowbridge McClain, her mother Sarah Ann (Snider) Trowbridge, sister Georgia Pearl "Jean" Trowbridge. Mary Ellen was born 15 January 1854 probably in Kingwood and married William H. McClain (1847-1925) in Preston County on 25 May 1870. The children are baby Georgia and five year old Russel McClain. Mollie McClain died 29 December 1938 in Kingwood. Georgia Pearl "Jean" Trowbridge was born in Lewis County, West Virginia on 23 November 1880 and died in Ventura, California in 1981 at 101 years of age. She married Frank E. Peterson in West Virginia about 1908. This photo was taken in the W. C. Shafer studio, Terra Alta, West Virginia in 1890



July, 1895, Thurman W. Trowbridge. Thurman was born 29 November 1873 in Baxton County, West Virginia. He was the next youngest of the James M. and Sarah Ann Trowbridge children. He died in Barberton, Summit County, Ohio on 10 July 1941. On 3 September 1907 He married Nettie Hoffman. The couple lived in Baberton, Ohio, and had at least five children.

Nittie Hoffman family reunion probably between 1920-1930's. I cannot positively identify Thurman in this
photo, but he may be the tall man in the back row with hat and necktie.

Luvenia Margaret (Trowbridge) Westfall in 1920. My great grandmother was the seventh of eleven children. Luvenia was born in probably Preston County, West Virginia on 03 November 1863. She married Nathaniel Jonathan Westfall (1852-1915) at Jackson's Mill, Lewis County, WV on 20 June 1880. The family moved to Akron, Ohio about 1912.

Luvenia Trowbridge Westfall Copley, Ohio ca.1939. Luvenia died in Wadsworth, Ohio on 08 November 1940. After the death of my great grandfather in 1915, Luvenia lived with my grandparents Arthur and Osa (Westfall) Corbett in Akron and Copley, Ohio.

Luvenia Margaret Trowbridge Westfall 1930's, Copley, Ohio, my great grandmother. In the last years of her life she lived in Copley with my grandparents, Arthur E. and Osa Westfall Corbett. Luvenia was Osa's mother and my mother was given Luvenia as her middle name.

Signora "Nora" Trowbridge Farnsworth was born on 10 March 1870 in Lewis County, West Virginia, the nineth child of James and Sarah Trowbridge, and died in Pinellas County, Florida in September 1959. She married Thomas Othello Farnsworth on 18 September 1889 in West Virginia. The couple moved to Fort Pierce, Florida in January 1920. They had at least five children born in West Virginia

Joseph Madison Trowbridge, son of James M. and Sarah Ann Trowbridge, born on February 11, 1865 in West Virginia and died in 1941 in Jacksonville, Florida.



The first child of Sarah Ann Snyder and James McGrew Trowbridge was Albert, born on 27 August 1851 in Preston Co., West Virginia who died at the age of five on 11 April 1857, probably in Preston County.

Their second child was Anzoretta "Retta" Trowbridge who was born on 10 June 1856 in Preston County. She married Benjamin Franklin Dernberger in Jackson County, West Virginia on 6 June 1881 and the couple moved to Akron, Ohio sometime after that.

Katherine Isabelle Trowbridge, child number three, was born on 26 February 1858 in Preston County, West Virginia. She married Edward Patrick Cotter (1844-?) on 15 January 1885. The couple had at least six children born between 1884 and 1898. Katherine died on 7 July 1911 possibly in Reedsville, Preston County, West Virginia.

The fifth child in the family was Charles Ira Trowbridge who was born on 24 March 1860 in Kingwood. He enlisted in the U.S. Army in Parkersburg West Virginia in 1890 during the Spanish American War. He was assigned to the 2nd Artillery Regiment, Co. E. Charles was given a medical discharge at Fort Preble, Maine in 1892. In civilian life he was a railroad brakeman. Charles Ira Trowbridge died somewhere in Virginia after 1938.

Sarah Jane Trowbridge, the sixth child was born on 29 December 1861 in Preston County. She married Albertis Slaughter (1859-?) in Lewis County on 05 October 1879. The couple resided in Akron, Ohio. They had eleven children.


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