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These photos were rescued from a Florida estate sale by Anneth Shaw of Carrolllton, Texas and graciously donated to me in September 2013.  We are in Anneth's debt for returning these to our Trowbridge family. If you are a direct descendants of Joseph Madison Trowbridge you can contact me via the email address shown on our home page.

Most of these photos were rescued from a Florida estate sale by Anneth Shaw of Carrolllton, Texas and graciously donated by her in September 2013.

Joseph Madison Trowbridge, born Feb. 11, 1865 Preston County, West Virginia; died 1941 in Jacksonville, Florida. Joe Trowbridge was the brother of my great grandmother, Luvenia Margaret (Trowbridge) Westfall and the son of James McGrew Trowbridge and Sarah Ann Snyder. I have two copies of this photo. On the back of one is written, "Mr. J.M. Trowbridge 1920. "On the back of the second, which appears to be written much later, "J.M. Trowbridge 1925 Ross & Dorothy's father (Joseph Madison T.) full name."

Zona Farnsworth Holyfield Trowbridge (1858-1899), August 29, 1888 - first wife of Joseph Madison Trowbridge and the mother of Madison Ellsworth Trowbridge. Zona was the widow of Clark Holyfield. She was born in (West) Virginia on September 29, 1858. She and Joe were married in Clarksburg, Harrison County on August 30, 1892. Zonie died in childbirth on May 4, 1899 in Kingwood, West Virginia.

Reverse side of photo on left. The top inscription says, "Zonie E. Holifield taken Aug 20, 1888 in Buckhannon Upsher Co. West Virginia."

Isabelle Bonar was the second wife of Joseph Madison Trowbridge. This picture is undated, but was taken in a studio in Duquesne, Pennsylvania

Isabelle (Bonar) Trowbridge (1865-1930); somewhat older in this photo taken in Parkersburg, West Virginia (I believe this was about 1905; inscription on back says, "Dorothy and Ross Trowbridge's mother."

Typed on the bottom margin of this picture are the names (left to right) Ellsworth, Joe, Ross, Dot and Isabelle.  Judging by the apparent age of Dorothy in this picture, it was probably taken about 1908 taken in Redondo Beach, California using a studio prop.

Joe Trowbridge family home in Redondo Beach, California in the early 1900's. The 1910 census lists the family at 324 Elena Ave. Today, there are a couple of businesses but no homes at that address. It was located about four blocks from todays Redondo Beach S State Park. Redonda Beach is a suburb of Los Angeles on the south side.

There is no information on the back of this photo but I'm guessing, because of her resemblence to my great grandmother this is her sister Nora (Signora) Trowbridge Farnsworth. The boy is probably Ellsworth and the picture was probably made about 1910-11. This might be about the time Joe returned to Kingwood, WV with his family (he is listed in the 1910 census in Redondo Beach, California and in 1920 in KIngwood).

The back of this photo identifies the soldier as Ellsworth Trowbridge. Due to the cactus in the picture on the left, I am sure this was taken while he was in basic training somewhere in the Southwest, probably Texas. Corporal Madison Ellisworth Trowbridge was killed in action in WW-I in France in 1918. He is buried in the Kingwood cemetery near his grandparents, James McGrew and Sarah Ann Snyder Trowbridge.

Ellsworth Trowbridge. There is no date or place given on the back of these next few photos, but they are obviously taken when he was in the Army. Here, he is about to welcome a friend - could these have been taken in France?

Ellsworth Trowbridge and the gentleman he appears to be welcoming in the photo on the left.

Ellsworth filling the radiator of a WW-I Army truck. Notice the driver in the background. I wonder if this was Ellsworth's job in the Army. Sadly, Ellsworth died in the trenches of France during the war and left no descendants.

Grave of Madison Ellsworth Trowbridge, son of Joseph Madison and Zonia (Holyfield) Trowbridge. Madison was killed in action in France during WW-I and is buried in the Kingwood cemetery next to his grandparents, James McGrew and Sarah Snider Trowbridge.

On the back of this photo is, "The Trowbridge family in their limousine (T model) in Garner's front yard to have [sentence incomplete]." Judging by the ages of Dorthy (rear seat, broadbrimed hat) and Ross (boy with tie) and the American flag fastened to the radiator neck, this was probably taken in 1917-18. It appears to be in West Virginia, probably Kingwood. Ross had a friend on the basketball team in the Kingwood High School when he was probably 17 or 18. See the photo on the next page.

Edith Snider Trowbridge and James McGrew Trowbridge. This is a composite of two separate photos.


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