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1966 - Bruce at one and half years old, San Antonio, Texas.

1966, Dad and Bruce - Shortly before I received orders for Vietnam, later red-lined and changed to Thailand

1966, Mom and Bruce, San Antonio, Texas


1966 - Bruce and Grandpa Wayne Whitsett, Van Buren, Arkansas

1966 Nakon Ratshishima, Thailand - a samlar, the Thai taxi. My first time off base this fellow took me sightseeing. Perhaps he doesn't look like it, but he was quite friendly

Korat Royal Thai Air Force Base (RTAFB), 1966. My home for a year, an "air conditioned" hooch.


1966 Korat RTAFB, Thailand with friends John Bahan and Bob Cripe, Detachment 7, 6922 Security Wing

1966 - Korat, elephant parade for reunion of pilots who had flown their mandatory 100 bombing mission over Haiphong and Hanoi and had returned to Thailand for another 100.

Sue and one year old Bruce and his first Christmas, Van Buren, Arkansas 1966


Christmas 1966 - son Bruce, his first puppy and automobile, Van Buren, Arkansas

Christmas 1966 - Nakon Ratchisima (Korat), Thailand. These were kids in an Peace Corps orphanage.

Christmas 1966, Thai orphanage. The toys were donated by the good people of Van Buren, Arkansas, gathered by Sue and my mother, crated and shipped to Thailand in time for Christmas. These kids had never had a toy of their own. Many in this orphanage were abandoned for a variety of reasons, often because they were disabled. These kids were starved for affection and attention and were thrilled when we came to visit.


March 1967, Mekong River - A2C Ron Thorgenson with me,Nakon Phanom, Thailand. Across the river is Laos. The Ho Chi Ming trail ran through the mountains in the background. After finishing our 6PM to 6AM shift we decided to go to town to take some photos. We caught the bus to town at the bus stop on base. When we arrived in the small village of Nakon Phanom we noticed that not a soul was on the streets, which should have been busy with people going about their daily chores. The boy in the picture was the only villager to be seen. We were feeling a bit apprehensive, but shook it off. We decided to get a beer in the only bar in the

March 1967 Nakon Phanom (NKP) air base

village. When we walked in the front door two bar girls and the bar tender took off running out a back door. Now that was very weird. We immediately decided it was time to catch the next bus back to base. When we arrived at the front gate of the base the Air Force guard exclaimed, "What the hell are you guys doing off base?" It was then we learned that an North Vietnam Army squad came across the Mekong from Laos. The enemy squad made their way through the Thai jungle to the antenna site, ambushed and killed four airmen and two Thai guards on duty. When the next shift went out to relieve them they found a gruesome sight and alerted the base CO. The base was locked down just after we passed through the main gate on our way to town. These men kept the keys to their truck in our operations area. A new shift would drive out to the site and relieve those on duty and those men would bring the keys back to our area for the next shift. We knew these guys from the short conversations we had with them on their way out and back. The men killed were working the same 6PM to 6AM shift we were.

March 1967, Udorn RTAFB, Thailand working our HF radio position. Our mission at Det. 7, 6922 Security Wing was communications security (TRANSEC) not intelligence collection (COMINT). We monitored all Air Force transmissions from bases in Thailand. We were probably the least liked Air Force unit in the country because of our monitoring and reporting of security lapses. During my year there I was TDY to all our Air Force bases at Tahkli, Ubon, Udorn, Nakon Phanom and Utapao. I also visited Bangkok several times on the way to and from those bases.


1967 - Bangkok, Wat Po. A Wat is sort of a walled in city filled with Buddhist temples.

Son Bruce, summer 1967 shortly before I returned stateside, Pointer Trail, Van Buren, Arkansas

June 1967 - back in the States, son Bruce and brother Mike's pet crow, my mother's home on Pointer Trail, Van Buren, Arkansas. My next assignment was Brooks AFB, San Antonio where I was a shift supervisor.


1967 - Brother Mike and Bruce

1967 - My grandparents Arthur and Osa Corbett with their first great-grandson, Bruce, the summer I came back from Thailand.



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