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March 1965, Bruce Edward Wall, our apartment on Cantrell Ave., San Antonio, Texas

March 1965, Bruce

July 1965, North Padre Island, Texas - Grandpa Corbett and Bruce his first great grandson.

July 1965, Padre Island Corpus Christi, Texas - Mom's first grandchild

Bruce, his Uncle Mike and Grandma Donath

July 1965 - Bruce and Dad in the Texas Hill country west of San Antonio

October 1965 - Bruce and our puppy, San Antonio, Texas


October 1965, San Antonio, Texas

Nov. 1965, Bruce's first steps, San Antonio

January 5, 1966, Bruce's first birthday, San Antonio, Texas

Children of our Air Force friends at Lackland and Kelly Air Force Bases, San Antonio, Texas

March 1966 - our house near HQ USAFSS, Kelly AFB

1966, Mom and Bruce, San Antonio, Texas

June 1966, Dad and Bruce - Shortly before I received orders for Vietnam, later changed to Thailand with a month stop-over in the Philippines

Christmas 1966 - son Bruce, his first puppy and automobile, Van Buren, Arkansas

Son Bruce, summer 1967 shortly before I returned stateside, Pointer Trail, Van Buren, Arkansas

1967 - Brother Mike and Bruce




Ronald N. Wall
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