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June 1967 - back in the States, son Bruce and brother Mike's pet crow, my mother's home on Pointer Trail, Van Buren, Arkansas. My next assignment was Brooks AFB, San Antonio where I was a shift supervisor.

1967 - My grandparents Arthur and Osa Corbett with their first great-grandson, Bruce, the summer I came back from Thailand.

1968 - Bruce and his Great-Grandpa Arthur Corbett, North Padre Island, Texas

March 1968 - Bruce welcomes home his new sister Tonya. The poor little guy had chicken pox. Doc said newborns have their mother's immunity and it was OK for us to bring the baby home.

March 1968, Tonya and Bruce communicating, Brooks Parkway, San Antonio, Texas (Brooks Air Force Base)

March 30, 1968, Brooks Parkway, San Antonio, Texas - Mom and daughter

May, 1968 - Sue and Tonya, Pointer Trail, Van Buren, Arkansas

My mother's home on Pointer Trail, Van Buren, Arkasas. Bruce with our new Pekingnese puppy "Peko" from Mom/Grandma

New puppy at Grandma's house, Van Buren, Arkansas

July 1968, Brooks Parkway, San Antonio, Texas. This was enlisted family housing for Brooks AFB. Brooks Air Force Base was an early primary training base.

Pilots trained at Brooks beginning in WWI and continuing up until 1960. It was primarily an Air Force medical research center when we were stationed there from 1966 to 1970. Astronaughts went through rigorus testing at Brooks. My unit was a detachment of Air Force Security Service HQ on Kelly AFB.

1968 Brooks Parkway, San Antonio, Texas

Tonya and our little Pekingnese "Peko"

Bruce and Tonya, July 1968

Hemisfair held in San Antonio, Texas was a World Fair type event with exhibits from countries in South and North America, June 1968. The clowns were part of the fun.

January 1969 Brooks Parkway

Autumn 1968 Bruce with Uncle Mike and his dog at Grandma's house in Van Buren, Arkansas

January 1969 Brooks Parkway

1969 - Bruce and Tonya with their grandfather Wayne Whitsett. They were Wayne's only grandchildren.


In early 1969 we moved out of Brooks Parkway into our new house on Mai Kai Drive, San Antonio. The yard was not in yet. Black Texas mud was our yard. If it looks like chocolate it must be good to eat

Sure be glad when the grass grows! It did and much faster than I thought it would.

Bruce, Mai Kai Drive San Antonio.

Ron Congdon churns the ice cream while wife Jan and daughter Lisa suppervises for Tonya's first birthday party. Ron and Jan were our next door neighbors and the first of our friends in our new neighborhood. Ron was a military policeman at Lackland AFB. Love those socks Ron.

Tonya's first birthday, March 1969 - Jan and Ron Congdon's son, Sue and Tonya, Bruce.

Tonya learning how to eat cake and ice cream with a spoon.

First class section of a C-130 troop transport, June 1969 enroute to San Juan, Puerto Rico for exercise Exotic Dancer

Relaxing in a C-130's "bucket seats". Some managed to take a snooze on the loooong flight from Texas to Puerto Rico. Not me.

June 1969, Ramsey Air Force Base bivouac area for joint military exercise Exotic Dancer. Half naked airmen on the way back from the beach.

Our bivouac area just off the beach below Ramsey Air Force Base. Our tent is on the right. We were lucky not to be under the cocanut palms. When the wind blew it was bombs away. A two pound cocanut can do some damage to your head.

1969 San Juan, Puerto Rico - the old Spanish Fort, U.S. National Historic Site Castillo De San Cristobal.

Staff Sergeant Jim Hansen. He and his wife Connie were our best friends and neighbors in San Antonio. After we left Texas for Italy in 1970 Jim went to Officer Candidate School. He retired from the Air Force as a Major.

San Juan, Puerto Rico, June 1969

Looking out over the Carribean Ocean from the castle. Castillo De San Christobal is managed by the U.S. Park Service. June 1969.

These little sand craps were every where, even in our cots, suitcases and laundry.

Friend and a long time acquaintance since Security Service tech school. Some awsome surf from a storm offshore, Puerto Rico, June 1969

Thunderstorm over San Juan. The beach is jagged coral.

Tourists looking from the fort toward the city of San Juan and the harbor.



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