Photos of our Corbett family of Ohio, California and Arkansas

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Arthur and Carl Corbett, ca.1905

1928, California. Family of John Corbett, brother of my great grandfather Arthur. L-R: g-aunt Elizabeth (Price) and granddaughter Mary Elizabeth Waldsmith, Mary Helen "Maime" (Corbett) Waldsmith, little Robert Waldsmith,  our g-uncle John Corbett.

Great Aunt Sade Corbett) Andrews (on left), Venice Beach, California 1930-40's. The lady on the right lived with Aunt Sade in 1947 when she wrote to my mother the letter reproduced on my Corbett family history page.

My mother Clara L. Corbett and Aunt Faymah Westfall probably about 1923

My mother, Clara L. Corbett age 7, Akron, Ohio, 1928

My mother, Clara L. Corbett age 7 in First Grade, Akron, Ohio in 1928

This appears to be a Corbett, Westfall family reunion at my grandparents house in Copley, Ohio about 1940. Starting on the back row, left to right: I do not recognize the three men at the rear, but the man without a hat appears to be one of my Westfall uncles, maybe Albert. Next row standing L-R: my grandfather Arthur Corbett; grandmother Osa Westfall) Corbett; a woman I can't identify; great grandmother Luvenia (Trowbridge) Westfall; my mother Clara Corbett; a woman I can't identify; Aunt Nina Westfall. Seated L-R: Uncle Jimmy Corbett; Aunt Dorothy Corbett; two girls I can't identify; Uncle Gerry Corbett; the girl with her head down is probably Aunt Elinor Corbett; the last girl is someone I can't identify.

Wayne Corbett 1939-1941

Grandmother Osa Westfall) Corbett ca.1940

Jimmy, Elinor and Gerry

Uncle Gerry and pal ca.1942

Uncle Gerry's first car, Copley, Ohio

Arthur Corbett, Sr. Copley, Ohio ca. 1940

Elinor and Jimmy Corbett, Copley, Ohio ca.1942-43

Elinor Corbett, Copley, Ohio ca.1940

Sade Corbett Andrews, ca. 1940's

Aunt Daisy Fridinger, sister of my grandfather's mother, Summit Co., Ohio, 1950's

Uncle Carl Corbett, my grandfather's brother in 1959. Uncle Carl died in a Veterans rest home in Sandusky, Ohio on February 12, 1964. I met him in 1959 just before my mother and I left for Arkansas. Uncle Carl suffered from the effects of gas attacks by the Germans against Allied soldiers in 1918 during WWI.

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