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Gerry and Jimmy with nephew Ronnie Wall, 1943

Dorothy Eileen Corbett, 1940's

Clara (mom), Uncle Gerry and Aung Dorthy, ca1940 at my grandparents home on the Summit County Line Road in Copley, Ohio

Corbett family picnic, Arkansas; probably very early 1950's . This picture was very poor quality, but in it are (L-R rear) my grandfather Arthur E. Corbett, my great aunt Helen, my great grandfather Arthur Corbett Sr., grandmother Osa (Westfall) Corbett; (L-R front) cousin Raymond Stroll (Aunt Helen's son); Uncle Jimmy Corbett; Uncle Gerry Corbett.

Fresh air lunch

Arthur and Osa Corbett, ca.1955

Arthur and Osa with grandchildren Linda, Karen and Mike ca Nov. 1954.  The little Boston Terrior was renamed named for the Soviet Satellite Sputnik launced in October 1957. Sputnik was my constant companion in 1959 until I left for college in 1960.  I miss the little bugger.

Arthur Corbett, Sr. (1874-1955) and cousin Raymond Stroll (1941-ca19800), Van Buren, Arkansas probably around Christmas 1954.

Christmas at my grandparents home near the Lee Creek a mile or two North west of Van Buren, Arkansas in 1954.  Great Grandpa Corbett died the following year and this is one of the last photos of him; L-R: Aunt Elinor Stockton; cousin Karen Stockton;, great grandfather Arthur Corbett Sr.; cousin Linda Stockton; grandfather Arthur E. Corbett; brother Michael White and mother Clara Donath.

Brother Loy Michael White and his great grandfather Arthur Corbett Sr. I only have a few pictures of great grand father Arthur, but this one makes up for the lack.

Uncle Gerry and Norma (Evans) Corbett probably about 1956

Karen Stockton, ca.1962

Ron Wall, Oklahoma City, 1960. I was just starting my classes in OKC and my room mate owned this car (Fleetwod Cadillac).  He was intending to go on to medical school and enter politics. He was a personal friend of the Democratic Lt. Govenor of OK back then. My room mate took me to the capital.  I got to sit in the Lt. Governor's chair at his desk.  My entry into politics.


My grandfather, Arthur E. Corbett (1899-1969), ca.1963 trying out his new fishing rod.

Arthur E. Corbett, ca.1965.  Grandpa was very ill from his Type I diabetes.  He died from complications related to his long time illness.

Arthur Corbett, Sr. ca.1943

Children of Arthur and Osa Corbett Ca.1940; photo taken at my grandparent's house on County Line Road in Copley, Ohio. L-R: my ever impish Uncle Gerry; Aunt Elinor; my Mother Clara, (down front); Uncle Jimmy, and baby Wayne. Little Wayne Corbett died at a young age from a childhood disease

Uncles Jimmy and Gerry, in Lee Creek near Van Buren

Corbett family Roasting Marshmallos by Lee Creek, Van Buren, Arkansas about 1956

Corbett siblings, Copley, Ohio probably in 1940; Aunt Elinor, my mother Clara, Uncle Gerry, Aunt Dorothy, Uncle Jimmy.

Cousins Karen (R) and Linda Stockton, our grandparents' home on Lee Creek near Van Buren probably about 1955


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Ronald N. Wall
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