Photos contributed to our site by members of Whitsett and Whitsitt families
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Sarah (Childress) and husband President James Knox Polk
(courtesy Rachel Collier)
Sarah was the daughter of Elizabeth Whitsett and Joel Childress, and the granddaughter of John Whitsett and Sarah Thompson of Sumner County, Tennessee and Greene (now Hale) County, Alabama

Dr. William Heth Whitsitt
Author of "Annals of a Scotch-Irish Family: The Whitsitts of Nashville, Tennessee"  (1904)

Dr. William Thornton Whitsett, Phd,
Whitsett, North Carolina; (photo probably taken about 1910)

Dr. William Thornton Whitsett,
(I'm guessing this photo was taken in the 1930's)

James Simeon Whitsett,

Former Quantrill Raider and friend of Frank and Jessie James and the Younger brothers, Jackson County, Missouri
(courtesy Hellen Eller)

Sim Whitsett shortly before his death, Kansas City, Missouri
(courtesy Hellen Eller) 

Sim Whitsett and grandson
(courtesy Hellen Eller)

Isaac Jones Whitsett
Son of Wilson and Elizabeth (Price) Whitsett of Lauderdale County, Alabama. This picture was taken in Young County, Texas in the 1920's

(courtesy family of Benjamin Shanner Whitsett)

Elizabeth Lee (Edmunds) Whitsett 1815-1883 wife of Dr. William Crawford Whitsett 1812-1883 - Mr. & Mrs Whitsett died within days of each other

Ex-slave Rebecca Whitsett (1838-1912), wife of Albert Whitsett (1828-1888) of Rockingham County, North Carolina. The Whitsetts were held in bondage by the James Whitsett family of Rockingham Co., N.C.
(courtesy of Bandon Donnell)

Thomas William Whitsett (1837-1921) and Josephine (Gilmore) Whitsett (1852-1947) of Jack County, Texas.  This family was originally from Tennessee

Walter Whitsett of Alexandria, Virginia, 1985. I corresponded with Walter several times. He was a descendant of James and Nancy (Moore) Whitsett of Rockingham County, N.C.  Walter passed away not long after this picture was taken.

The Benjamin Shanner Whitsett
Family photo taken in the 1940's. Benjamin was the son of Isaac Jones Whitsett. Click on picture to see identification of the family members
(courtesy family of Benjamin Shanner Whitsett)
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