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May 1942, Ronald Nevin Wall. This is my debut photo.

Summer 1942, Copley, Summit County, Ohio

1943 - Me and my uncles Gerry (left) and Jimmy Corbett, Copley, Ohio.

Ronald Nevin Wall, Copley, Ohio, 1943

Arthur Arlie Wall, ca1944


Ron and Art Wall, grandfather Wall's farm in Sharon Center 1946


Left to right, Jerry Don and Corrine Allen, Bonnie DeLois (Allen) Whitsett, Belva Kay, ca.1945

1946 - this is as close as we can get to a baby picture of Sue. L-R, Bonnie Delois Whitsett, Reba Whitsett and "Granny" Hessie (Barrett) Whitsett.

Art in the back yard of our house on Gordon Ave., Wadsworth about 1947

My first tricycle, summer of 1947, Wadsworth, Ohio.



Brother Arthur and me, Grandpa Wall's farm, Sharon Center, Ohio. Written on the back is, "Ronnie and Art in big snow Jan. 1948.

Arthur, this picture was taken at the same time as the one on the left.

Me and Art with our grandparents Reason D. and Winnie P. Wall, Blue Ridge Parkway, Shenandoah National Park, Virginia, 1947, after the death of Dad in 1946. We were on our way to Raiford, Florida to get our mother on her release on parole from the Florida State Women's Prison. Our mother made a very bad choice when she was 24, something she regretted the rest of her life, and resulting in her loss of custody of my brother and me.

Acme Lutheran Church Vacation Bible School about summer of 1947. Me, front row, third from right.

1948 (half of) First Grade class, Lincoln Elementary School, Wadsworth, Ohio. Me, middle row, 2nd from right.

Carolyn Sue Whitsett, 1946. This photo was in very bad condition when Sue found it among her mother's photos.

Ronald Nevin Wall, Kindergarden school photo, 1947.



Sue at age two, 1948. This studio picture was taken in the Pointer Studio, Van Buren, Arkansas on April 2, 1948. It came of us from Sue's stepmother, Iva (Corbitt/Whitsett) Rozell

Ca.1947-48 - Art and me with our little puppy, "Arkie". Our mother came to Ohio in her Oldsmobile to visit and gave us our little pet. Not many weeks later Arkie was run over by the mailman and killed. The mailman was devastated. Up until this time we had no pets and no experience with dogs. We had not yet bonded with our puppy and its death was not the blow it could have been.

I believe this photo was taken about the same time as the one with the puppy on the left.

Arthur Arlie Wall, age 5, Kindergarden school photo, Wadsworth, Ohio (1948)

Summer of 1950, our grandparents' farm. Grandpa Wall had several cats around to control rodents in the barn and grain bins and nature made sure there were a new batch of kittens for future needs. Grandma gave them fresh milk at the rear door, which kept them cominmg back. After Uncle Platt Coolman died of a massive heart attack in 1949 Aunt Clara (our foster parents) moved us back to the farm from Wadsworth. This photo was taken on the back steps of our grandparents' farm house.


Carolyn Sue Whitsett age about three or four. I don't have an exact date, but the photo was taken in a photo studio in Van Buren, Arkansas and belonged to Sue's father Wayne and step mother Iva Whitsett. This is perhaps a birthday photo, ca.1949-1950.

in January 1952 Aunt Clara and Delsworth Worthy Bridgman were married. We moved from our grandparents farm to Del's home just south of the Center. This photo was taken at the same time as the one on the right, probably in March 1952.



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