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Mom, Clara Luvenia (Corbett) Wall on vacation somewhere in Virginia, 1951.

in January 1952 Aunt Clara and Delsworth Worthy Bridgman were married. We moved from our grandparents farm to Del's home just south of the Center. This photo was taken at the same time as the one on the right, probably in March 1952.

Bonnie and Ronnie Bridgman, Ronald Wall, Sharon Center, Ohio January 1952. Bonnie and Ronnie were Uncle Del's grandchildren. Bonnie married Bill Ralston years later and they eventually moved to Mesa, Arizona where we became reacquainted.



Class photo, 3rd grade, 1951-52, Sharon Center elementary school.

Art and me with some neighbor kids, Sharon Center, spring of 1952. The corn field was turned into a yard not long after this photo.

Carolyn Sue Whitsett, first grade, 1953, Van Buren, Arkansas


1953, Sharon Center, Ohio

Arthur, age 10, forth grade, Sharon Elementary School, Sharon Center, Ohio 1953

Sue, second grade, 1954, Van Buren, Arkansas


Art and little neighbor girl, 1954 Sharon Center

Brother Loy Michael "Mike" White and our mother, 1954

Mom and Mike summer 1954


1954 sixth grade, Sharon Elementary School

Touch football with a neighbor, Sharon Center, Ohio, 1954

A little basketball before bedtime. Love the hat Art.


Brother Arthur, cousin Vivian and neighbor, a Korean War Army veteran who had just returned from Korea. Sharon Center, 1954

Vivian taking a free foul shot. Cousin Vivian was named after our father.

Brother Arthur, sixth grade, 1954.


Brother Mike, 1954,Mishawaka Indiana, home of Mom's last husband Harvey Donath.

Harvey Donath with Mike, 1954. Harvey had some strange habits, but he treated Mike as his own son and supported Mom and Mike when she needed financial help.

No, Mike. You can't eat the candle - Brother Mike's first birthday, 1955, Van Buren, Arkansas.


Mike and our grandparents' dog Lassie, Van Buren, Arkansas, 1955

Mike and our great grandfather, Arthur Corbett. This picture was taken at the same time and place as the one on the left. It is one of my favorites.

Mom and Mike, 1955


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