Memorial to our veterans who served in the Vietnam War and the Cold War
We have members of several of our featured families who have served in the military since WWII.  They are not listed here because we decided for several reasons to limit these lists to deceased veterans.  Please send us the information if you know of someone who fits in this category and participated in any conflict.



Bernard Walker “Bernie” Whitsett - was the son of Fred Whitsett (1895-1973) and Dorthula Thacker (1904-2005) of Brown Summit, Guilford County, North Carolina.  He was a direct descendant of Alfred and Rebecca Whitsett, former slaves of James and Alfred Whitsett of Rockingham County, NC.   He was born 12 December 1940 in Brown Summit.  Bernard W. Whitsett was a commissioned officer with the 82nd Airborne Division and served two tours in Vietnam.  He retired from the military after twenty years and spent another twenty years in Civil Service.  He was a member of The Buffalo Soldiers, an organization dedicated to the memory of African-American veterans, and the Dark Horse Motor Cycle Club.  Bernard died on 23 August 2006 at the Sacred Journey Hospice, McDonough, Georgia.  He left a wife, Eudora Holland, three sons and three daughters and three grandchildren.


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