Miller Family Genealogy and History in Photos, From Indiana and Crawford County, Arkansas, From Joseph Franklin Miller to Edward Miller - Page 1

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Larkin and Alice Bowlin Nichols (1867-1970) - Grandparents of Edward Miller. Larkin died in 1940.

Joseph Franklin Miller (1870-1955), Our Miller family's great grandfather

Maude Nichols Miller (1897-1977), Edward Miller's mother

Fort Smith Times Record, August 1967

Crawford County Courier, Van Buren, Arkansas, 1970

Edward Miller ca1962

Ed and Bonnie Lois (Allen) Miller ca1981

Ed and Lois with Billie Jean, Christene, Paul David and Carolyn Sue ca1954

Paul David, Christene, Lois and Ed ca1962

Ed, Letressa (McCoy), Cathy Miller ca1972

Lois (Allen) and Billie Jean Miller 1963

L-R: Christene, Cathy, Lois, Carolyn, Belva, Billie Jean, Florence (Brewer-Allen) Farmer, Paul David Miller, 1959, Fort Smith

Lois, Tim Womack, Billie Jean (Miller) Womack ca1972

Billie Jean, Paul David, Christene, Carolyn Sue, Christmas Eve 1955

Cathy Darlene Miller ca1962

Christene and Cathy ca1962

Cathy Miller ca1972

Cathy Miller and Bruce Wall 1967

Randy Primm and Cathy Miller ca1964

Paul David Miller ca1970

Christene Miller ca1972

Jerry and Christene (Miller) Jones ca1971

Chris and Jerry Jones 1971

Ronald N. Wall
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