Photo Album of the Kuder Family, Sharon Township, Medina County, Ohio  NEW

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Abigail Kuder Wall (1844-1910), daughter of Jacob Kuder and Mary M. Kime early settlers in Sharon Township. Abbie married Reason Wall Sr. This picture was probably taken in the 1870's

Abbie Kuder Wall at an undetermined date, probably in the 1880's.

Reason and Abbie (Kuder) Wall. This was one of a series of photos of Reason, Abbie their sons and daughter taken probably about 1909

Hiram Mason Kuder in 1896, age 19, Kalamazoo, Michigan. Hiram was the son of Hiram Sr. and Delina C. Mason and the grandson of Jacob Kuder of Sharon Township, Ohio.

Jennie E. Kuder in 1896, age about 17, Kalamazoo, Michigan.  Jennie was the sister of Hiram Mason Kuder and granddaughter of Jacob Kuder of Sharon Township in Ohio.

Mason Kuder with his wife Bessie (Ward), daughter Eva Marie and son Mahlon Ward Kuder. This picture was taken about 1905 judging from the apparent age of Marie who was born on 02 May 1905 in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Photo courtesy of Marcia Kuder of Kalamazoo.

Bessie and Hiram on a wedding anniversary.  I don't know which one, maybe the 50th? They were married on 06 September 1899 so if this was their 50th anniversary it was taken in 1949.

Photo courtesy of Marcia Kuder

Uncle Harold Melville Wall (1898-1988) and Aunt Eva Marie (Kuder) Wall (1905-1999) and their daughters Carol and Margo. Aunt Marie was the daughter of Bessie (Ward) and Hiram Mason Kuder. Harold was the grandson of Abigail (Kuder) and Reason Wall making them 2nd cousins. Kuder descendants Aunt Marie and Uncle Harold Wall and Carol (center-left) and Margo (center-right); taken in the late 1940's

Aunt Marie, cousins Carol and Margo, Uncle Harold Wall, sometime in the 1950's.


Ronald N. Wall
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