Sources for the genealogy and history of the Baughman and Bachman ancestors and descendants of Anna Cathrine Baughman Wahl

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Roberts, Charles R., HISTORY OF LEHIGH COUNTY PENNSYLVANIA, Vol. 2, pgs. 24-30; (1914). Gives descent of Jacob Bachman Sr. through several generations.

Ibid, pg. 745, “There are two churches in Lowhill township, namely: Lowhilll and Morgenland. … The organization of [the Lowhill church] was effected at a meeting of the members held on the 27th of January, 1769, at which a constitution and rules for the construction of a church building were signed. Jacob Bachman, Jr., presented a tract of land … The names subscribed to the constitution then adopted are as follows: Jacob Bachman, Jr. … Jacob Bachman, Sr., Nicholas Bachman, … Paul Bachman.” (A second list on this page contains the name of Lorenz Bachmann as a contributor to the construction of the church).

Mathews, Alfred, HISTORY OF THE COUNTIES OF LEHIGH AND CARBON, Philadelphia, 1884 (pgs. 262, 298, 302, 427-428, 457, 480). Pg. 302 (Lynn Township): “In 1781, Laurence and Paul Bachman were assessed on property in the Township. Nicholas also was of the family… Paul’s sons were David, Daniel and Nicholas. They mostly immigrated to Ohio. The sons of Nicholas were Paul, Peter, Nicholas, Daniel, Jacob and Jonathan. They settled for a time on the land of their father, and later Paul and Peter emigrated to Ohio.”

Brown, Edward, WADSWORTH MEMORIAL, Wadsworth, Ohio (1874); pgs. 168-169; References the fact that the Baughman family originated in Lehigh County, Pennsylvania (Lehigh County as formed from Lehigh, Lynn and Lowhill Townships of Northampton County); Rev. Brown's book gives the details of some of the early Medina and Wayne County, Ohio Baughman and Wall families. Although some information is not entirely correct it is a valuable resource for the history of early Wadsworth.

Strassburger, Ralph Beaver, PENNSYLVANIA GERMAN PIONEERS, Genealogical Publishing Co., Baltimore (1975); Contains ships passenger lists prior to 1820 contained in the Pennsylvania Archives. (List 199B) Jacob Bachman, Johan Jacob Bachman and Lorentz Bachman arrived in Philadelphia aboard the ship “Edinburg” from Rotterdam September 14, 1753. (List 199c) Sept. 14, 1753, Oath of Allegiance, passengers from Rotterdam: Jacob Bachman, Johan Jacob Bachman; Lorentz Bachman.

Hollenbach, Raymond E., "Church Records Ben Salem Union Church, East Penn Township, Carbon County, Pa.," 1964, pg. 7: Christian Wahl, w. Catharina, child Carl [born] Sept. 13, 1808, [bapt.] Oct. 9, 1808; sponsors Nicolaus Bachmann w. Catharina.

First Census of The United States (1790); Northampton County, Pennsylvania; Lehigh Township, Conrad Baughman, Conrad Baughman, Jr., Fraderick Baughman; Lynn Township, Larance Bachman, Paul Bachman (this is the first official record showing the use of the Baughman spelling).

U.S. Direct Tax List for Northampton County, Pennsylvania, 1798, (National Archives Microfilm roll M372 No. 12, 5th Direct Tax Division): Borough of Easton. The U.S. Direct Tax was the first federal income tax. These lists only show the name of the taxable and location of his residence. On these rolls are: Abraham Bachman, Bethlehem Township; Peter Bachman, John Bachman, Lehigh Township; Fredarick Bachman, Conrad Bachman, Jacob Buchman (sic), Jacob Buchman, Senr., Lower Saucon Township; John Bachman, Henry Bachman, George Bachman, Lynn Township; Lawrence Bachman, Paul Bachman, Daniel Bachman, Weissenburg Township; Nicholas Bachman (two Nicholases listed), Uppersaucon Township; John Bachman, David Bachman, Jacob Bachman, Andrew Buchman, John Bachman, Nicholas Bachman, Lowhill Township.

Ibid; Pennsylvania Archives; contains the Dec. 27, 1781 tax assessments, Northampton County, Penn. and lists the following: Wissenberg Township, Nicholas Bachman; Lynn Township, Lorance Bachman, Paul Bachman; Whitehall Township, Abraham Bachman; Upper Saucon Township, John Bachman, George Bachman.

Lehigh County Historical Society, Allentown, Pennsylvania; Jan. 27, 1769 Constitution, membership rolls for the Lowhill Lutheran and German Reformed Church, Lowhill Township, Northampton County, Pennsylvania: Jacob Bachman, Jr.; Jacob Bachman, Sr.; Nicholas Bachman; Paul Bachman. 1769 Subscription List: Lorenz Bachmann.

Lehigh County Historical Society, Allentown, Pennsylvania; Baptismal Records, Lowhill Reformed Church, Lowhill Township, Northampton County, Pa.; Oct. 28, 1804, Paul Bachmann and wife Barbara baptized daughter Maria Magdalena, born Sept. 24.

Ibid, Feb. 17, 1805, Nicholaus Bachmann and wife Dorothea baptize son Joseph, born Dec. 26, 1804, Paul Bachmann, Jr. and wife Barbara sponsoring. Christian Wahl and wife Catharina baptize son Johannes, born Dec. 24, 1804, Jacob Holbe and Salome Bachmann sponsoring.

Ibid, Dec. 21, 1806, Christian Wahl and wife Catharina baptize daughter Maria Magdalena, born Nov. 22, 1806, Peter Bachmann and Magdalena Bachmann, single persons, sponsoring.

(There are several more entries on these lists for various members of the Bachman family)

Lehigh County Historical Society, Allentown, Pennsylvania; Baptismal Records, Ben Salem Lutheran German Reformed Church, East Penn Township, Northampton County, Pa.: Oct. 9, 1808, Christian Wahl and wife Catharina baptize son Carl, born Sept. 13, 1808; Nicholaus Bachmann and wife Catharina sponsoring.

Ibid, March 11, 1810, Christian Wahl and wife Catharina baptize daughter Rebecca, born Jan. 21, 1810, Adam Bachman and Magdalena Feller Sponsoring.

Lehigh County Historical Society, Allentown, Pennsylvania, 1812 Tax assessment of Northampton County; Hanover Township, Jacob Bachman, Jacob Bachman, Daniel Bachman, Jacob Bachman (single man); Upper Saucon Township, George Bachman, widow Bachman, Jacob Bachman, David Bachman, Jacob and Jonathan Bachman (single men); Wissenberg Township, Paul Bachman, Nicholas Bachman, Andreas Bachman, Peter Bachman, Nicholas Bachman, David Bachman.

1820 U.S. Census, Lehigh County, Pennsylvania: Hannover Township, Joseph Bachman; Lynn Township, Daniel Bachman, Jacob Bachman, Paul Bachman, Sr.; Wissenburg Township, Paul Bachman, Mich’l Bachman Jr., Andrew Bachman, Peter Bachman Sr., Mich’l Bachman Sr., Abraham Bachman; Lowhill Township, John Bachman; Macunngie Township, Joseph Bachman; Upper Milfort Township, Widow Maria Bachman; Upper Saucon Township, Samuel Bachman, Jacob Bachman Sr., Enoch Bachman, Johnathan Bachman, George Bachman, Jacob Bachman Jr., Widow Maria Bachman.

1830 U.S. Census, Wayne County, Ohio: Baughman Township, John Baughman; Chippewa Township, Peter Baughman, Paul Baughman.

1830 U.S. Census, Medina County, Ohio: Wadsworth Township, John Baughman, L. Baughman Jr., L. Baughman, A. Baughman; Norton Township, A. Baughman Jr.

Wayne County, Ohio Marriage and Burial Records: Paul Baughman, died Sept. 3, 1855 age 81; Barbara wife of Paul died Oct. 11, 1853 age 70; Joel Baughman, died Oct. 6, 1855 age 38; Abigail, wife of Joel, died Oct. 29, 1840, age 23

Roberts, HISTORY OF LEHIGH COUNTY, “Paul Bachman, third son of Nicholas, was born Sept. 15, 1773, and died Sept. 3, 1856, in Wadsworth county (sic), Ohio. He had a son, Joel, born 1829 and died 1855… Joel Bachman married Abilene (sic) Wall, Nov. 7, 1839.”

Lehigh County Historical Society, Allentown, Pennsylvania Tax List: Lowhill Township, Lehigh County 1788, pg. 9, Bachman, Nicholas log house, 1 story.

Edward Brown, Wadsworth Memorial, (Steam Printing House, Wadsworth, Ohio, 1875), "The first settlers of Wadsworth were principally from three states; Vermont, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania ... From Pennsylvania ... Lawrence, Adam and Paul Baughman, and sons ..."

History of Medina County and Ohio, (Perrin, Baskin & Battery, Historical Publishers, 1881).

Ben Douglass, History of Wayne County, Ohio From The Days of The Pioneers and First Settlers To The Present Time, (Wooster, Ohio, 1878).

Ruth Ensworth and Helen Vaughn, Early Sharon Township, (1981), pg. 221.

Elinore Schapiro, Wadsworth Heritage, (Wadsworth, Ohio, 1964), pg. 12, Lists Christopher Wall (Wahl) and family. Probably taken from Brown's Wadsworth Memorial with the same (incorrect) names and dates.

Ruth Story Kramer, Lowhill Reformed Church, Lowhill Township, Lehigh County, Pa. Surname Index,; Allentown, Pa., May 1975

Wayne County, Ohio Marriage Records, Wayne County Library, Wooster, Ohio.

Wayne County, Ohio Burial Records, (Wayne County Historical Society, Wooster, Ohio 1975).

Women of the Western Reserve, pg. 98, Wadsworth, Medina Co.

Cemetery headstones, Emanuel United Church of Christ (formerly the High Church), Eastern and County Line roads. Wadsworth, Ohio; grave of Catherine Barbara Wahl. This headstone is very badly weathered and is laying flat on the ground. Christian Wall's headstone is next to it. The words "Baughman," a number 57 (probably age) and the date 1837 are barely ledgible. There also appears to be a date 1780 but this is uncertain. Not much else is legible.

Medina County, Ohio Probate Records. Case #442, final account filed Feb. 2, 1855., Estate of Christian Wall, inteststate. Article of Agreement, Wayne Co., Ohio, Recorded April 23, 1840; prenuptial agreement by Magdelena Wahl; Medina County, Ohio Quit Claim Deed, Recorded March 6, 1854; Deed dated Dec. 6, 1853; quit claim between Magdelena Wall and the children [heirs] of Christian Wall. Medina County, Ohio Probate Records, Microfilm roll 390, Application for Probate, Probate records inspected by Ira and Florence Wall in the Medina County courthouse. A copy of the microfilm was made and furnished to me, Ronald N. Wall.

LDS ICI Pennsylvania, Zilgels Lutheran and Reformed Church Weisenberg Township, Lehigh Co., Penn.,: Isaac Wahl, christened 13 June 1813; Judith Wahl, christened 5 Feb. 1815, Weisenberg Township, Lehigh Co., Penn., daughter of Christian and Catherine Wahl.

Cemetery headstones, Wadsworth Cemetery, Wadsworth, Medina Co., Ohio.

1800 Census, Northampton Co., Pennsylvania.

1810 Census, Pennsylvania, pg. 56, East Penn Township, Northampton Co., Penn.

1820 Census, Union Co., Penn Twp. Pennsylvania

1830 Census, Medina County, Ohio, Wadsworth twp., pg. 184.

1840 Census, Medina County, Ohio, Wadsworth twp.

1840 Census, Wayne County, Ohio, pp. 86, 112, Chippewa Township, Wayne County, Ohio

1850 Census, Medina County, Ohio, pg. 268, Wadsworth Township.

1860 Census, Medina Co., Ohio, Wadsworth twp., pg. 14, dwelling 201.

1870 Census, Medina Co., Ohio, Wadsworth twp., pg. 427, dwelling 108.

1880 Census, Medina Co., Ohio, Wadsworth twp., pg. 2, dwelling 16.

E-mail; Shirley Miller,, June 23, 2006 (family of Lorentz Bachman, son of Jacob Bachman, Sr.

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