Sources of information for Hessie Malinda Barrett, our "Granny Whitsett"

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1. Family Knowledge (Thomas M. Barrett and later generations) from Mrs. Hessie (Barrett) Whitsett, Wayne B. Whitsett and Iva (Corbitt) Whitsett and others.

2. 1880 U.S. Census, James County (now Hamilton County), Tennessee; Page 35 (336), ED 62; Forth Civil District, Dwelling 316; Thomas Barrot (sic) household - Thomas, white Male age 35, born in Alabama; Elizabeth, wife, white female age 44, born in Georgia; Thomas, son, white male age 12, born in Tennessee; Mary, daughter, white female, born in Tennessee.

3. 1900 Census, James County, Tennessee, Sheet 12, ED 75; Tenth Civil District, Dwelling 190, Thomas M. Barrett, white male, born Feb. 1870 age 30, married 12 years, born Tenn., father born Georgia, mother Georgia, farm laborer; Eliza J., wife, white female born Aug. 1871, age 28, mother of 3 children, two living, born in Tenn., father b. Tenn., mother b. Georgia; Hessie, daughter, white female, born May 1892, age 8, born in Tenn.; Nellie E., white female, born Dec. 1898 in Tenn.; Elizabeth, mother, white female date of birth unknown, age unknown, widow, mother of 3 children 2 living, born in Georgia.

4. 1910 Census, Center Twp., Pope County, Arkansas, (Supervisor Dist. 5, Enum. Dist 79, Sheet 10B), Caglesville & Hector Road; Thomas M. Barrett, age 44, married 22 years, farmer, born in Tenn., father Ala., mother Georgia; Eliza, wife, age 39, born in Tenn., mother of 6, 5 living; Hessie, daughter, age 17, born in Tenn.; Nellie E., daughter, age 11, born in Tenn.; Frank, son, age 9, born in Tenn.; Charles, son, age 7, born in Tenn.; Ruth, daughter, age 3, born in Ark.

5. 1920 Census, Upper Township, [Fort Smith] Arkansas, Waldron Rd., No. 98, ED 142, Sheet 6A & 6B; Thomas M. Barrett, head of household, white male age 48, born in Tenn. (both parents born in Georgia); Elizabeth J., wife, white female age 47, born in Tenn., both parents born in Tenn.; Frank, son, white male age 18, born in Tenn.; Charles, son, white male age 16, born in Tenn. (had not attended school since Sept. 1919); Ruth, daughter, white female age 13 (in school), born in Ark.

6. 1920 Census, Upper Township, Fort Smith, Arkansas, ED 148 Sheet 11A, dwelling 141, Guy Whitsett, head of household, white male age 23, born in Arkansas [birthplace of parents unknown], occupation Railroad fireman; Hessie, wife, white female age 22, born in Tenn., father born in Tenn., mother in Georgia; Ruth, daughter, age 9, born in Arkansas; Ruby, daughter, age 7, born in Ark.; Elma, daughter, age 4 1/2 years, born Ark.

7. 1930 Census, Council Hill, Brown Twp., Muskogee County, Oklahoma, ED 51-8, Sheet 3, pg. 73, dwelling 44; Thomas M. Barrett, white male age 60, age at marriage 19, born Tenn., father born S.C. [probably incorrect], Mother Georgia; Eliza, wife, white female age 58, age at marriage 16.

8. 1930 Census, Ramona, Washington Co., Oklahoma, ED 74-21, sheet 6, pg. 237; J.G. Whitsett, white male age 36, born Arkansas, occupation tank builder, Pararie Oil & Gas; Hessie, wife, white female age 37, both parents born in Tenn.; Ruth, daughter, age 18 born in Ark.; Elmer, son, age 14, born in Okla.; Wayne, son, age 9, born in Arkansas; Roy, son, age 8, born in Ark.; Betty, daughter, age 5, born in Okla.

9. 1940 Census, Pope Co., Galla Creek, Arkansas ED58-12 Sheet 1B; Frank Barrett, white male age 39, attended school through 8th grade, born in Tenn.; resided in Russelville on 1 April 1935; Willie, wife, white female age 38, born in Ark., [home schooled] 2nd grade; Bernice, daughter, age 16, 8th grade.

_. Oklahoma Marriages, Caddo County, page 438, April 17, 1917, license, Thomas Jones age 23 and Miss Nellie Barrett age 18 [no marriage certificate]; [This Nellie Barrett-Jones was born in Illinois and father was born in Kansas, definitely not our Nellie Barrett].

Ronald N. Wall
Modified: 15 January 2018