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Aunt Ruth Shanafelt and cousins Ruth and Vivian Shanafelt, niece Stephanie (Wall) Weigold at brother Art's house in Mesa, AZ, Jan 18, 2009

Me and cousin Vivian Shanafelt in the B-17G WWII bomber Sentimental Journey at the waist gun position.  This is at the Commemorative Air Force museum in Mesa, Arizona, Jan. 2009

January 20, 2009 - cousins Vivian and Ruth with Aunt Grace Shanafelt, Brother Art and Sis-in-Law Denise Wall at our place during their visit in January

Vivian, Ruth, Aunt Grace Shanafelt, Sue and me at our house in January 2009

A winter storm blanketed the mountains northeast of us in snow. The two black spots are Canadian geese. 11 Feb. 2009

Our grandson Daniel (right) and his friend John visited us in March 2009.  This is in the Superstition Wilderness Area about forty miles east of Phoenix.  March 12, 2009


Dan and John at the Casa Grande National Monument at Coolidge, Arizona; Mar. 12, 2009


Dan (left) and friend John at the park in Sacaton, Arizona that honors WWII hero Ira B. Hayes (statue), 12 Mar. 2009


Daniel (right) and friend John, Sacaton in on the Gila River Indian Community (reservation) south of Phoenix. March 12, 2009

Jolie with her grandpa, Fairmont, West Virginia, 04 May 2009.

Jeremy with his grandpa, Fairmont, West Virginia, 04 May 2009

Jolie's greeting for me when I visited Tonya and Joey in West Virginia (04 May 2009).

Jolie's class room where we viewed her art work, 06 May 2009

Jolie with her gym teacher during a special event at Jolie's school, May 06, 2009

Mt. Washington Cemetery, Perryopolis, Pennsylvania, May 09, 2009.  This is the monument for the Ralph Crawford Whitsett family from whom good friend Susie Jones (right) is descended.

Friend Susie Jones, myself, grand kids Jolie and Jeremy Madia at the Mt. Washington Cemetery in Perryopolis, Pennsylvania, 09 May 2009


Good friend Susie Jones with Tonya, Jolie and Jeremy, Whitsett, Pennsylvania, 09 May 2009

Joey at Prickett's Fort, 10 May 2009


Taz and Jolie, 10 May 2009. Taz is a female lab and beagle mix


The Madia family, Prickett's Fort, Fairmont, West Virginia 10 May 2009


Pickett's Creek, Fairmont, WV, 10 May 2009


Jolie and Shawnee warrior at Prickett's Fort one of several costumed volunteer guides at the fort in Fairmont, West Virginia


The grave of Colonel Zackquill Morgan, Revolutionary War hero and the founder of Morgantown; Prickett family graveyard next to Prickett's Fort


The family of daughter Tonya (Wall) and son-in-law Joey Madia, Fairmont, West Virginia, 11 May 2009


Home of son Bruce and daughter-in-law Denise Wall in Pleasant Shade, Tennessee


Denise, granddaughter Nicole and Bruce in his backyard, 13 May 2009

Bruce's family: Mike's friend Britney, Denise, Nicole and pets Duchess and Precious, 13 May 2009


Bruce and family with good friend Harley "Cocoanut" Lamoureux; Harley is the harp player with the Charlie Daniel's Band


This beautiful little stream is Peyton Creek, which flows across the back end of Bruce's property



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