Photos mostly from Maida Whitten, descendant of John Whitsett, youngest son of Adam Whitsett of Alabama

Photos of Descendants 0f Adam Whitsett
Of Lauderdale County, Alabama

Descendants of John Whitsett

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Joseph Wilson Whitsett (1854-1925) of Knox County, Texas, son of John Whitsett and Cynthia Ann (Tankersley) Whitsett.  Photo contributed by Maida Whitten

Jessie James Whitsett (1850-1934) of Durant, Oklahoma, the eldest son of John and Cynthia Whitsett.  Jesse and Joseph were the only two sons of John Whitsett to live to be adults.  A middle brother, John died while young in Lauderdale County. Photo from Betty Thompson

Charles Rutledge and Mina (Whitsett) Rutledge in 1898.  Mina was the daughter of Joseph Wilson Whitsett and Ida May Wright.

Children of Joseph Wilson Whitsett and Ida May Wright, (L-R) Mina Eudora Whitsett (1876-1907), James Edward Whitsett (1879-1967), Beda May Whitsett (1881-1931)

Charles and Mina (Whitsett) Rutledge and daughters Amy Carol and Ida May.

Beda May (Whitsett) Rice, daughter of Joseph Wilson Whitsett and Ida May Wright

Maybelle Whitsett, daughter of James Edward Whitsett and Belle Zora Guerry (1908-2002)

James Mortis Whitsett, son of James Edward and Belle Whitsett

Maida and Bob Whitten
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