This is a rooster of Whitsett men who served the Confederacy showing the units they were assigned to.

Confederate Battle Flag

Whitsett Men Who Served The Confederacy

The following is taken fron THE ROSTER OF CONFEDERATE SOLDIERS 1861-1865, Vol. XVI, Jane B. Hewett, Broadfoot Publishing Co., Wilmington, NC (1996) and Civil War Compiled Military Service Records, United States National Archives, Washington, D.C. Other sources have also been used. You should not considered this a complete listing of men who served the Confederacy.  General Jo Shelby and other officers destroyed their records at the end of the war in fear of retribution against the men who fought with them. It seems that all of the records of former guerrillas were destroyed probably because of the federal policy of treating guerrillas as outlaws and not soldiers. Historians have disputed the claims by many of the former guerrillas because of the lack of proof of their service. I believe this is an injustice to these men; whether they were considered heroes or outlaws, they served under the authority of the Confederate States of America.

I will gladly add or correct any names of Confederate soldiers with any variation of the Whitsett name if you will send the information to me at   Please include as much supporting source information as possible.  See also Whitsett Union Civil War Veterans.

This list includes variations of the names Whitsett and Whitsitt. There are several examples of different forms of the name being used for the same individual - especially "Whitsett" and "Whitsitt."


Unit - Rank

W.W. Whitsed

North Carolina 15th Infantry, Co. H, Private [probably William W. Whitsett]

Washington L.Whitseitt

Wheeler's Scouts, CSA [spelled as listed; this is probably Washington Lafayette Whitsett]

Absolom Whitsett,

Tennessee 8th Infantry, Company I

Alfred M. Whitsett

North Carolina 45th Infantry, Company M

A.M. Whitsett

North Carolina Snead's Company, 3rd Lieutenant

Archer Whitsett

Missouri 5th Cavalry, Company A, Lieutenant]

Benjamin F. Whitsett

Missouri Infantry conscript

Calvin S. Whitsett

Texas 13th Volunteers, Company E

Henry P. Whitsett

Alabama Militia, 4th Volunteers Company C

Henry P. Whitsett

Alabama 40th Infantry, Company H, Sergeant

J.M. Whitsett

Missouri 5th Cavalry, Company I, Private

J.W. Whitsett

North Carolina 15th Infantry, Co. H, Private

James Whitsett

Texas 11th Cavalry, Company F

James H. Whitsett

Missouri 5th Cavalry, Co. I, Private

James P. Whitsett

Tennessee Cavalry, Gordon's 11th Battalion, Company D

James Simeon Whitsett

Missouri 2nd Cavalry, Upton Hayes [Shelby's] Regiment Company E

James T. Whitsett

North Carolina 5th Cavalry, 63rd State Troops, Co. D, Private

J.B. Whitsett

Tennessee Wheeler's 6th Cavalry, Company D

J. O. Whitsett

Gordon's Cavalry Regiment, Company I [John Oliver Whitsett, hometown Hayview, MO]

John Whitsett

Missouri 5th Cavalry, Company G., Private

John Whitsett

Tennessee 32nd Infantry, Company G

John B.Whitsett

Arkansas Field Artillery, H.C. West's 4th Battery, 1st Sergeant (killed at Pea Ridge, Arkansas) [John Bell Whitsett]

John B. Whitsett

Tennessee Cavalry, Gordon's 11th Battalion, Company D, Corporal

John H. Whitsett

North Carolina 15th Infantry, Co. H, Private

John M. Whitsett

Missouri 9th Cavalry Elliott's Battalion, Co. B, Private

John William Whitsett

Alabama 4th Cavalry, Roddey's Regiment, Company H

Joseph G. Whitsett

Georgia 5th Infantry, Company G, 1st Lieutenant [Joseph Green Whitsett]

Joseph H. Whitsett

Missouri 2nd Cavalry, Shelby's Regiment, Company E [Joseph Hade Whitsett]

Joseph W. Whitsett

Texas 10th Infantry, Company C

O. Whitsett

Louisiana Crescent Regiment, Company K [Oliver Whitsett]

Oliver Whitsett

Missouri 5th Cavalry, Company C, Private [John Oliver Whitsett]

Phillip W. Whitsett

Alabama 9th Infantry, Company D, "The Lauderdale County Rifles"

R. G. Whitsett

Texas Cav., Waller's Regiment, Company A [Richard G. Whitsett]

R. G. Whitsett

Texas Cavalry, Mann's Battalion, Cox's Company

S. G. Whitsett

Missouri 12th Cavalry, Shank's Regiment, Co. I, Corporal, [hometown, Columbus, MO]

S. P. Whitsett

Tennessee 6th Cavalry Wheeler's Regiment, Company D [Samuel P. Whitsett]

T.C. Whitsett

Missouri 4th Infantry, Co. F, Private [Thomas C.S. Whitsett]

T. C. S. Whitsett

Arkansas 32nd Infantry, Surgeon

Thomas C. Whitsett

Missouri 4th Infantry, Co. F, Private

Thomas W. Whitsett

Texas Granbury's Conscript Brigade, Company D, Corporal

Thomas W. Whitsett

Texas 10th Infantry, Company C, Corporal

W. E. Whitsett

Texas 9th Infantry (Young's Brigade), Company H [William Edmunds Whitsett]

W.L. Whitsett

Kentucky Helm's 1st Cavalry, Co. A, Private

William Whitsett

Missouri 5th Calvary, Company A, Private

William W. Whitsett

North Carolina 15th Infantry, Company H, Private

William Wallace Whitsett

Tennessee 2nd Infantry, Robison's Regiment, Company E, Corporal

W. J. Whitsett

Tennessee 31st Infantry Company E [Captain] [William Jimps Whitsett]

W. L. Whitsett

Kentucky 1st Cavalry, Helm's Regiment, New Company A

J.W. Whitsides

Georgia 46th Infantry, Co. C, Hospital Steward

John Whitsides

South Carolina 5th Cavalry, Co. E, Private

John W. Whitsides

Arkansas (Colquitt's) 1st Infantry, Co. F, Private

W.D. Whitsides

Arkansas 8th Battalion Infantry, Co. A, Private

J. B. Whitsit

Arkansas Militia, Desha County Battalion

B. A. Whitsitt

Mississippi 25th Infantry, Company F [Bruce A. Whitsitt]

Howell Whitsitt

Tennessee Light Artillery, Winston's Company

J. W. Whitsitt

Tennessee 20th Infantry, Company C

J. W. Whitsitt

Texas 15th Infantry, Company B

James A. Whitsitt

Missouri 9th Cavalry Elliott's Battalion, Company E, 2nd Lt.

M. G. Whitsitt

Arkansas Cavalry, Gordon's Regiment, Company A, Captain [Moses Green Whitsitt]

T. C. S. Whitsitt

Arkansas 23rd Infantry, Surgeon [Thomas Coleman Slaughter Whitsitt]

T. C. S. Whitsitt

Arkansas 30th Infantry, Surgeon

T. C. S. Whitsitt

Missouri 4th Infantry, Company F, Surgeon

T.T. Whitsitt

Missouri 4th Calvalry, Co. F, 2nd Lt. [probably T.C.S. Whitsitt]

Thos. C. S. Whitsitt

General and Staff Surgeon

W. C. Whitsitt

South Carolina Artillery, Manigault's Battalion 1st Co. B, Senior 2nd Lieutenant 

William H. Whitsitt

General and Staff Chaplain [William Heth Whitsitt]

William J. Whitsitt

Georgia 36th Infantry, Villepigue's Regiment, Company B, 1st Sergeant

William J. Whitsitt

Georgia Confederate Infantry, Company B, Captain

W. J. Whitsitt

Georgia Infantry, 1st Confederate Battalion, Company A, Captain

S. H. Whitsitts

Tennessee 21st Infantry, Company G, Captain

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