Photos from the descendants of William Wirt Whitsett and Ralph Crawford Whitsett

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Photos courtesy of Terri Wahlberg Crowell, descendant of Hadessa (Whitsett) Hendron, Susanne B. Jones, Fairmont, W.Va., descendant of Dr. James Estep Whitsett and Mr. Jeff Stunja, President of the Whitsett (town) Historical Society, Whitsett, Fayette County, Pennsylvania. 

Susie Jones, "Dr. James E. Whitsett and his wife Clarissa Belle Martin Whitsett. They lived in Bethany, WV, until he retired and then moved back to Perryopolis, PA. I don’t know where or when this picture was taken. Dr. J. E. Whitsett died in 1907, so it was taken before that!"
Son of Ralph Crawford Whitsett
Dr. James Estep Whitsett (1828-1907)
Clarissa Belle Martin (1838-1912)

Dr. James E. Whitsitt advertising flyer, courtesy of Jeff Stunja, Whitsett, PA Historical Society

Roxanne Whitsett Rist - moved to Dayton, Washington with her husband and her sister and bro-in-law Hadessa and John Hendron. Roxanne was unable to have children but raised the youngest daughter of her sister Hadessa, Mayme Hendron. This picture must have been taken in the late 1890's. Photo courtesy of Terri Wahlberg Crowell
Daughter of Ralph C. Whitsett and Rachel Estep

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Roxanna Whitsett and Jessie E. (Whitsett) Thistlewait, daughters of Ralph C. Whitsett Jr. and granddaughters of Ralph C. Whitsett Sr. Roxanna was born in September 1879 and appears to be about six years old.  A note on the back of the picture indicates that Jessie was married when the picture was taken.  I believe that dates the photo to 1886. 
Photo courtesy of Terri Crowell.

Emma Whitsett Cochran (1856-1893), daughter of Dr. James Estep Whitsett and Clarrisa (Cllara) Martin
Photo courtesy of Terri Crowell

Golden Anniversary for David P. Whitsett and wife. 20 Oct. 1920.  David Porter Whitsett was the son of Ralph Crawford Whitsett and Rachel Estep.  He is the man seated behind the boy with the dog.

Susanne Jones, "Charles and Jim Whitsett, taken about 1928, down by the old barn behind the House in Hannibal, Ohio where all the children were raised. Charles was the youngest child and pretty badly spoiled, as you can see by the grin on his face."
Children of Dr. John William Whitsett
Charles Crawford Whitsett (1922-1990)
James Estep Whitsett (1907-1941)

Susanne Jones, "There were two Dr. Charles C. Whitsett’s. This one was Dr. John W. Whitsett’s brother, although this Dr. Charles C. Whitsett spelled his name WHITSITT. By the time this picture was taken, he was practicing medicine in Freeport, Ohio. The child in the corner is James Norman McLaughlin, his step-grandson. The picture was taken in his office at his house, about 1930. The other Dr. Charles C. Whitsett was the son of Dr. John W. Whitsett, i.e., they were uncle and nephew. "
Grandson of Ralph Crawford Whitsett
, son of James Estep Whitsett
Dr. Charles Crawford Whitsett (1858-1936)
Susanne Jones, "My grandfather, Dr. John W. Whitsett, taken in the early 1930’s. I don’t know where or exactly when it was taken."
Grandson of Ralph Crawford Whitsett, son of James Estep Whitsett
Dr. John William Whitsett (1876-1935)

"This is a picture of Dr. John W. Whitsett’s house [May 2006]. He and his family moved there about 1921, and my grandmother lived there until she died in 1968. The children were all raised there. Dr. John W. had his office in the glassed in porch on the side of the house."
Photo taken in May 2006

"Eunice Moore Whitsett, taken in Friendly, WV, about 1904 before she got married. "
Wife of Dr. John W. Whitsett
Eulnice Moore Whitsett ( 1884-1968)

" Eunice Moore Whitsett, about 1970, taken in Huntington, WV while she was visiting us."

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