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Daniel Ryan Wills, age 1, son of Tonya (Wall) Wills - our first grandchild

Daniel age 1 and Michael Wade Wall, son of Bruce and Laura (Crowe) Wall

Michael, age about 10 months

Daniel Ryan Wills age 2 and Michael Wade Wall age 1

Daniel and Heather Marie Wall, daughter of Arthur and Denise (Greer) Wall

Tonya and Daniel, age 2, Mesa, Arizona

Daniel, age 2 with mother Tonya (Wall) Wills, great-grandmother, Bonnie Delois (Allen) Miller, grandmother Carolyn Sue (Whitsett) Wall

Michael age 1 and great-grandmother, Bonnie Delois (Allen) Miller

Michael Wall, age 2, Mesa, Arizona

Michael and sister Ashley Lillian Sue Wall, age about six months (our third grandchild)

Ashley Lillian Sue Wall, daughter of Bruce and Laura (Crowe) Wall about six months old; grandchild number three

Ashley's first Christmas, Mesa, Arizona

Michael and Dad

Daniel age 4 Michael age 3, Isabella Ave., Mesa, Arizona

Mike and Dan, Isabella Ave, Mesa, Arizona

Great-grandmother Clara Donath, grandmother Sue Wall, Mike and Danny

Cousins Daniel Wills and Michael Wall

Supermen, Mike Wall and Danny Wills !

Ghost Busters

Mike age 6, sister Ashley age 4, cousin Danny age 7, Nevada Way, Mesa, Arizona

Ashley Wall, age 4

Ashley and Dad

Ashley and her favorite toy at our house, made by grandma and grandpa

Ashley Lillian Sue, age 4, Cherry Street, Mesa, Arizona

Michael, Daniel and Ashley, Christmas morning at grandpa and grandma's

Ashley age six, Mike age nine and Tara Sue the first, age 3

Grandma and Ashley age 6

Grandchild number four with grandma; Jessica Sue Wall, daughter of Bruce and Nancy (Johnson) Wall; Cherry Street, Mesa, Arizona

Aunt Tonya and Jessica Sue Wall, Mesa, Arizona

Grandchild number five, Jeremy Nevin Wills with brother Daniel Ryan Wills, Mesa, Arizona



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