Pictures of my father, Vivian Arlie Wall (1922-1946) World War II veteran of Sharon Center, Medina County, Ohio

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My dad Vivian and friend "Bud" - 1936, Sharon Center, Medina County, Ohio

Dad's graduation photo, June 1939 - this photo was taken in front of my grandfather's (Reason D. Wall) farm house.

Vivian and his pony. August 1939; like father like son!


Graduation photo, Vivian Arlie Wall, 1939, Sharon Center, Medina County, Ohio

Clara Luvenia Corbett, ca.1940-41, Copley, Summit County, Ohio.

June 14, 1941 Copley, Ohio


My parents, Clara and Vivian Wall, June 14, 1941, The wedding was held in the front yard of my great grandmother, Luvenia (Trowbridge) Westfall.

Bride's Maids my aunt Elinor (left), aunt Dorothy. Elinor still lives and is 89. Elinor told me that it was so hot this day in June that she became sick and the wedding was interrupted until she felt well enough to go on.

Clara Corbett and Vivian Wall, June 1941, Copley, Summit County, Ohio. My Corbett grandparents lived about a mile or so from my Wall grandparents just across the Medina and Summit County line.


Mom, Honeymoon, June 1941

Dad, Honeymoon, June 1941


This picture is from a 1" by 1 1/2" photo that looks like it was made for some sort of photo ID. Driver's licenses did not have photos on them in his time, so this may be for a work ID of some sort. It must have been taken between 1939 and 1943.

Pvt. Vivian Wall, Basic Training, 1943

WWII Basic training 1943, Fort Hayes, Columbus, Ohio


Pvt. Vivian Wall, Fort Hayes basic training. My mother always called my father "Johnny" from a popular song with the lyrics, "Oh, Johnny, oh Johnny..."

Camp Wolters, Mineral Wells, Texas, 1943; Dad in the middle, Army Scout training.


Pvt. Vivian Wall. The only other photos of Dad with a mustache that I know of were taken in Morocco in 1943. The inscription says, "Your Son with love Johnny". Dad usually did not call himself "Johnny" when sending correspondence to my grandparents.

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