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Ronnie and Art, preschool wranglers before they went bad (ca1947-8)

Outlaw boot camp; Art and Ron Wall, the Howdy Doody banditos (1949)

When the West was young; Uncle Gerry Corbett scouting the West
(Arkansas 1944)

Uncle Jimmy Corbett riding the range (Arkansas 1944)

White boots! Come on Mom, not cool. (ca.1945)

Bar room brawl kindergarden style in the Wild West of Ohio (1948)

Hey! The guy in the white hat is supposed to win! (1948)

Brother Loy Michael "Mike" White joins the gang (1957)

Big Bad Mike forms his own gang with Big Gun Becky Stockton (1959)

Mike: "Becky, if you're gonna ride with Big Bad Mike you gotta practice your getaway." (1959)

The Wall Brothers gang with Big Bad Mike and Killer Karen Stockton in the infamous Robber's Roost, Devil's Den, Arkansas (1959)

Me: "Ah, dagnabit, our horses ran away. what are we gonna do now?"

Art: "Well, I guess we take this pink gussied up Buick with Ohio plates on it so no one will know it is us."

(Van Buren, Arkansas 1959)

San Angelo, Texas, 1962 with a friend from USAFSS tech school, Goodfellow AFB.

Little mustang Cinnamon and faithful trail dog Max, Florence, Arizona, July 2009

2009, trail dogs Irish setter Maxmillian and golder retriever Sandy after with me and Cinnamon after a ride. Fenced in but wishing she could've joined the fun, my best friend little pug Jasmime.

Brother Art on quarter horse Dollar, 2009


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Ronald N. Wall
Added: 09 August 2017