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Sue receiving her membership certificate for the United Daughters of the Confederacy in Scottsdale, Arizona , August 9, 2008

Sue with a member of Sons of Confederate Veterans who was guest of the UDC.

Grand kids Jeremy, Jolie and Daniel, Fairmont, West Virginia, April 2008

Florence, Arizona; aunt Grace (Wall) Shanafelt, cousins Vivian and wife Ruth Shanafelt, Ron and Sue in January, 2009

Aunt Grace (Wall) Shanafelt and cousins Vivian and Ruth Shanafelt, January 2009
Aunt Grace, Vivian and Ruth Shanafelt, Coolidge, Arizona, January 2009

Grandson Daniel Wills with me at Westfall Hollow, Lewis County, West Virginia in April 2008.  This is near the location of Peter Westfall's farm.  Peter was my Grandmother's (Osa Westfall Corbett) uncle

The farm house in the background is located on Cove Lick Road in Lewis County, West Virginia. It is very near the location where my great grandparents, Jonathan Nathaniel and Luvenia (Trowbridge) Westfall settled shortly after their marriage in 1880.  My great grandfather and family left this place in 1912 for Akron, Ohio .

Granddaughter and me at the James Clark McGrew house in Kingwood, West Virginia.  James C. McGrew was the brother of my 3rd great grandmother Jane McGrew who married my 3rd great grandfather Samuel Grady Trowbridge.  He was one of the men responsible for the formation of West Virginia from Virginia during the Civil War.  After the war he served in the U.S. House of Representative.
Our daughter and granddaughter at "The Pines" the James Clark McGrew house in Kingwood, April 2008

Maplewood Cemetery, Kingwood, West Virginia; headstone for James and wife Persis McGrew

"The Pines"

Jolie welcoming me to WV (the University of West Virginia "Flying WV").  She says, "I hope we can do some studying [of] our ancestors."  Then, for me she made a collage of photos of our ancestors.  I stayed in her room this year and she decorated it just for me.

Jeremy Madia, fifteen and already as tall as I am!
May 4, 2009


Jolie has grown some since last year.
May 4, 2009

Jolie's art show at her school.  This was a fund raiser for a school addition.  Guest could purchase a child's art work for $2.00 and have it framed for $5.00.  Tonya and Joey bought it and had it framed for Sue and me.

Friend and William Wirt Whitsett descendant Susie Jones by the monument and grave of William Wirt, his son Ralph Crawford Whitsett and Ralph's wife Rachel Estep Whitsett, Mount Washington Cemetery, Perryopolis, Fayette County, Pennsylvania, May 9, 2009.  Notice the D.A. R. marker on the right at the base of the monument commemorating the Revolutionary War service of William Wirt Whitsett.

Several of Ralph's family are buried in this section of the cemetery.  The monument has inscriptions on three sides covering part of three generations.  The Mt. Washington Cemetery is not old enough to have been William and Ralph's original burial place.  It is thought they were originally buried on Ralph's farm in Whitsett, Pennsylvania, just north of Perryopolis and moved to Mt. Washington when the coal company bought up much of Ralph's land for company housing.

Jay, Jolie and me in front of a "statue" of George Washington, in the city park in Perryopolis.  It is not really a statue, it is a photograph of a statue on a plywood backing, but the effect is striking.  Behind us a short distance down the hill is Washington Run and Washington's grist mill built in 1774.  (May 9, 2009)

Same place, same time with Tonya.  To get a larger picture suitable for printing, click on the image above.  A full sized 1024x768 pixel photo will display which can be printed as an 8x10 in. photo.  Right click on the photo when it displays and save it to your computer in any folder you select.  Use your Internet browser's "BACK" button to return to this page.
Our gang on the bank of the creek at Prickett's Fort, a reconstructed 18th century frontier fort common in early western Virginia; this is also a favorite fishing place in Fairmont
May 10, 2009

Weston, West Virginia.  This was the largest town closest to where my grandmother, Osa Westfall Corbett grew up in Lewis County.
May 11, 2009

Tonya in front of the Lewis County Court House in Weston.  We stopped here on the spur of the moment to check out Westfall records - there were a bunch.  The records room is straight down the hall on the left.  Employees in the court house were informative and very helpful.
May 11, 2009

Tonya's family, The Madia's of Fairmont, West Virginia, May 11, 2009; Back row (L-R) Joey, Tonya; Middle (L-R) Jolie, Jeremy, Daniel; Front row: Taz, newest member of the family.
May 11 2009

Me astride Dollar, a quarter horse owned by neighbor Milo Register, June 14, 2009, Florence, Arizona
Good friend and neighbor Milo Register on his other horse, a mustang named Cinnamon.  Milo, who makes his living now as a carpenter grew up on a large ranch in North Dakota owned by his father.  He is the genuine article when it comes to cowboys.
14 June 2009, Pinal County, north of Florence, Arizona.  Superstition Mountain in the background
This day I was on Cinnamon.  We came across a stolen pickup ditched on state land a couple of miles behind our house.  The truck is hidden in the bushes behind me.  We followed the tracks from where they had crashed through the steel pole gate at the entrance to the state land for about a mile back into the desert where this picture was taken (17 June 2009).
Milo on Dollar.  We called the Sheriff's office and waited for a deputy to show up.  Although the truck was very near the dirt road in the background, it was invisible from the road because of the bushes.  The truck had been stolen the night before in Queen Creek Arizona.  The thieves probably didn't think the truck would be found so soon by a couple of old cowboys on horseback!
The nice thing about your second childhood is you have better toys!  All dressed up and no train to rob.  Me with Cinnamon the mustang, Max the Irish setter, Sandy the golden retriever and Dollar the quarter horse, Florence, Arizona, 17 July 2009.
Friends: (L-R) Cinnamon, Max the Irish setter, Sandy the golden retriever, Dollar the quarter horse, Milo Register neighbor - 17 July 2009 our home north of Florence, Arizona
This was Milo's last day before leaving for North Dakota for a job interview near to his home, the old Register Ranch north of Sawyer, ND.  It was his idea to dress me up in chaps and a six shooter.  The dogs Max and Sandy have adopted our place as a second home.  If Milo gets his job in ND Sandy will come to live with us.
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