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Our son Bruce and wife Denise with George McCorkle and his wife Vivi, Carthage, Tenn., June 2005

George was with Marshal Tucker Band, is now a song writer and Nashville record producer and with Renegades of Southern Rock

Died 2007

Bruce and Denise with John Corbett and Tara Novik. Large picture includes band members Louie Ruiz and Hawk. John was the DJ in Northern Exposure, leading man in My Big Fat Greek Wedding, Raising Helen and a host of other movies.

Bruce with Jimmy Van Zant, cousin of Donnie and Ronnie Van Zant (Lynard Skynard, 38 Special and Van Zant).

Bruce (black shirt) and the band Renegades of Southern Rock: George McCorkle, Dan Toller, Bruce, Taylor Caldwell, Frankie Toller, John Townsend; June 2005

Bruce (guitar and hat on far left) playing with The Renegades of Southern Rock (George McCorkle's band) at Opry Land, June 2005

Bruce with friend and Nashville artist George McCorkle (of the original Marshal Tucker Band)

Bruce and Denise with Doug Grey and Chris Hicks of Marshal Tucker Band

Zhora and Jimmy Van Zant with Denise and Bruce Wall

Dan and Mike with friends and pets, June 2006

Bruce with 7th Heaven star Beverly Mitchell (2006) - Beverly also appeared in Saw II and The Crow

George McCorkle, upcoming country artist Candy Coborn, Denise and Bruce at Candy's new CD release party in Nashville, 2006

It's a hard job being the family pet - Snowy, Fort Meade, MD 1973

Tonya, Fort Meade, Maryland, April 1975

Tonya with our Yorkie named Ace, Ft. Meade, 1979

Tonya and Sue, Pointer Trail, Van Buren, Arkansas, May 1968

Brother Loy Michael White and Tara Sue II, Fort Smith, Arkansas ca2000

Brother Mike

Tara Sue II, Fort Smith ca.2001

Bruce and his new puppy Tribbles, Van Buren, Ark. 1968

Tonya, Fort Meade, Maryland, Christmas 1974

Carolyn Sue Whitsett, 1947

Carolyn Sue Whitsett, ca.1961
Ronald N. Wall
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