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Italy 1971-1973


Our son Bruce on the balcony of our apartment No. 100 Via A Grande in Commenda, a suburb of Brindisi. We were on the first floor of a seven story building.

Top - our apartment building; bottom, Bruce on Via Apia (the Appian Way) Brindisi near the harbor. The Apia Way is the ancient Roman road that ran from Rome to Brindisi.

Bruce at the ancient Roman columns that have welcomed incoming ships and people for more than 2000 years.


Sue reading a Hardy Boys mystery chapter to Bruce and Tonya.

Alberobello, Italy and trulli houses. Alberobello is about 60 miles north of Brindisi and is world famous for these unique houses built 100 years before Columbus sailed to America. The houses were built using no mortar. The town is also famous for woven wool bed covers.

Bruce and Tonya, 1971


1971 - Italy

No. 100 Via A Grande, Brindisi, Italy


1971 - Brother Art, wife Denise, their children Stephanie (left) and Jennifer came to visit us in Italy from Rota, Spain where Art was stationed with the Navy

1971 - Tonya, Stephanie and Bruce, Brindisi, Italy



Bruce and Tonya on the beach at Rosa Marina, the Adriatic Sea near Ostuni, Italy. A friend and I are snorkeling from the rubber boat in the background.

Sue and Tonya, same place different time.

Top L-R: Bruce, Wilma our live-in housekeeper and baby sitter, Sue, Wilma's little cousin and Tonya. Far right are Air Force friends Don and Terry Web. Bottom, Sue and Wilma's cousin and Tonya.



1972 - Moon over St. Peter's Square, Rome, Italy; at right, the Vatican Hall of Maps with friends Walt and Marge Cunningham, daughters Stacy and Shelby. We all traveled together to Rome

L-R: Marge, Stacy (behind Marge), Tonya, Shelby, Bruce (blue shirt) Walt and Sue

Stacy, Tonya, Bruce, Marge and Sue


In side St. Peter's Basilica, The Vatican

1972 St. Peter's Vatican

Bruce, Tonya with Tracy and Shelby Cunningham, Rome, Italy, June 1972


Trevi Fountain in Rome; Sue is tossing a coin over her left shoulder to ensure she returns to Rome. Apparently the spell doesn't work.

Tonya, Bruce, Shelby and Tracy Cunningham, Trevi Fountain, Rome, Italy, June 1972

Bruce, Tonya, Jennifer and Heidi Rudd at the Midieval castle in Oria, Brindisi Provence, in southern Italy; 1972


Tonya and Bruce in front of our apartment, No. 100 Via Grande, Brindisi, Italy, 1972

Our live-in baby sitter, maid, sometimes cook, family member Wilma (pronounced Vil-ma) and her fiance Walter (pronounced Val-ter) Francavia from Francavia Fontana, Italy. His prominent family did not approve much of his engagement to a peasant girl like Wilma.


Bruce's 8th birthday party, Jan. 1973, Brindisi, Italy

Jan. 1973, bottom L-R: Jennifer and Heidie Rudd, daughters of friends Reggie and Glenna Rudd; at the end of the table Shelby Cunningham and the two daughters of our Italian next door neighbors, the DeGuidos

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