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Eighth grade 1955, Sharon Center, Ohio

Carolyn Sue Whitsett, April 1956. This photo was taken by Sue's father Wayne or stepmother Iva on way to Sue's grandfather James Guy Whitsett's funeral.

Carolyn Sue, 10 years old, April 1956


Sue and siblings Christmas about 1956, Van Buren, Arkansas. L-R: Billie Jean, Paul David and Christine Miller, Carolyn Sue Whitsett.

Grandpa and Grandma Corbett's collie Lassie giving brother Mike a kiss. Aunt Elinor Stockton seated. 1956, Van Buren, Arkansas

Brother Loy Michael White, 1957


Carolyn Sue (right) with friends giving her little dog Peety a bath, at her father and step-mother Wayne and Iva (Corbitt) Whitsett's house, Van Buren, Arkansas - 1957

Winter of 1958, brothers Art, Mike and me. This is a frozen spring at the cave on Spruce Run below my grandparents' farm, Sharon Center, Ohio. Mike is sucking on a spring water ice cycle

Brothers Art and Mike, Spruce Run, Sharon Center, Ohio, winter, 1958


Grandpa, Grandma Corbett's farm, Van Buren, Arkansas a couple of days after I first arrived in Arkansas: Mom, Mike, me, Uncle Dee and Aunt Helen (Corbett) Howard, the very first time I met them. Aunt Helen was Grandpa Corbett's sister.

Carolyn Sue Whitsett, Van Buren, Arkansas, summer 1959

Carolyn Sue Whitsett, Arkansas, 1959


Brother Mike and cousin Becky Stockton, Van Buren, Arkansas, 1959

Me "helping" Uncle Jimmy Corbett fix something. What ever it was it required the hammer I'm holding. I wish I still had that hair. Grandpa and Grandma Corbett's living room, Van Buren, Arkansas, 1959.

Ronald N. Wall, High School, 1959, Van Buren, Arkansas


Sue and friend Iva Ann House, ca.1959


1959 - Sue and Belva's boy friend (and first husband) Jimmy Primm

1959 - Grandpa Corbett fixing the well pump. The water on their place was incredibly hard with iron deposits. It made really good ice tea but impossible to drink as just water.


Mike and Uncle Dee Howard - 1959

Mike and Aunt Helen (Corbett) Howard - 1959

Mom, Mike and his red hen - 1959


Cousin Becky Stockton and brother Mike at our grandparent's, Christmas 1959

1959 - we were on our way to Wichita to visit Uncle Lee Roy and family. This somewhere on the way.

Summer, 1960 Art's pink and gray Buick, me sitting on Mom's Chrysler


1960 Devils Den, Crawford County, Arkansas with brothers Art and Mike and cousin Karen Stockton.

1960, wedding shower for Sue's sister Belva Kay; front row left to right, Christine, Sue, Billie Jean; back row, Cathy and Lois, Belva, Granny (Florence) Allen, Paul David.

Me and Art and his pink and gray Buick at Grandpa and Grandma Corbett's farm, Van Buren, Arkansas, summer of 1960


Art, Mike and Me 1960

Art's pink and gray Buick was his first car. He came from Ohio to Arkansas to see us in the summer of 1960

In 1960 after graduation I returned to Ohio to visit and purchased my first car, a two tone Cream and Copper 1956 Chevy Belaire. Unfortunately, I allowed a friend to drive it after visiting girl friends who where in a church camp in central Ohio. This picture was taken in 1961 after the car was fixed before I enlisted in the Air Force. I returned to Sharon Center after basic training to get it. Mom used it for awhile when I was in Japan but when she needed money she traded it in for a much older car for cash difference. I was spittin' nails when I found out.


1960 - Up in a forest fire spotting tower in the Boston Mountains, Crawford County, Arkansas

1960 Oklahoma City with room mate Chuck Geter's 1950's Cadillac Fleetwood.

Sue's sister Belva and Sue, 1960


October 1961, Air Force Basic Training, Lackland AFB


November 1961 Lackland AFB static display, WW-II Thuderbolt P-47; also my first stripe

1961 home for Christmas Van Buren, Arkansas after basic training Lackland AFB


Christmas 1961 Van Buren, Arkansas

Christmas 1961 - playing cards with little brother Mike

1961 Brother Mike with souvenirs from our trip to Ohio to retrieve my 1956 Chevy Belaire.


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