Photos from the family album of Reason Deforest and Winnie (Tyler) Wall of Sharon Center, Medina County, Ohio

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My great grandmother Abigail Kuder Wall

My great grandfather Reason Wall, Sr. The date of these two photos is unknown, but they are likely anniversary photos, judging by their apparent ages, perhaps a 25th anniversay December 12, 1886

This photo is from an undated tin type but likely in the 1890's before my grandparents were married. L-R: my grandfather Reason Deforest Wall, grandmother Winifred Pearl Tyler, a male friend of my grandfather, Dolly Koppleberger, a friend of grandmother.

Undated, probably 1890's before my grandparents were married in 1895. The identities of the man in the light colored suit and the women besides my grandfather are not known.

My grandfather Reason Deforest Wall, born in 1975 when he was in his 20's.

My grandparents with friends sometime before they were married. This looks suspicously like grandfather and his girlfriend and grandmother and her boyfriend. I wonder if this is how the met.

My grandfather Reason Deforest Wall and his sister, great aunt Mary Sophia Wall sometime in the 1890's. Mary was probably named after her grandmother, Sophia (Frederick) Wall.

I believe this is a wedding photo of my grandparents, married on December 25, 1895.

Reason Wall Sr. ca.1900

The Reason Wall family 1910. Left to right, Reason Sr., William L., Abbie, Reason D., Charles J., Albert A., Mary S. Wall Stauffer. Sharon Center, Medina Co., Ohio

Abigail Kuder Wall - ca.1900






















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Ronald N. Wall
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