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Bruce's family has several puppiesDuke, Jasmine, Duchess the three legged champ and Precious (above).  Duchess is Mike's dog and Precious is Nicole's.

Bruce's natural pose - a phone in his ear, lining things up for the up-coming Jam-A-Que`09
(May 9, 2009)

Scott Braswell unloading equipment, Friday, May 15th.

"Cocoanut" Harley Lamoureux, harmonica player for Charlie Daniels with me and granddaughter Ashley, May 15, 2009.  Harley and his wife Carolyn are really wonderful people.  I caught a couple of hours of sleep at his house and he took me to the airport to come back to Arizona early Sunday morning.

Jim Wagner of WCR Guitar Pickups, installing pickups on some of Bruce's guitars.  Bruce and Jim were talking about pickups for twenty minutes before I realized they weren't talking about trucks! Jim came all the way from California for the jamfest.

"Aunt Jane" Van Zant, queen of the Van Zant royal southern rock family and guardian of the Lynyrd Skynyrd family legacy, and Bruce's dad,
May 15, 2009

Bruce's house by about noon Saturday.

Bruce's backyard Saturday before the rains came.  The forecast for 80% chance of thunderstorms kept the size of the crowd down from previous years (a little later the chance was 100%).  By all accounts, those who braved the weather had a great time

Ron Wall , Randy Snider and Jody Willman, three grandpa's bragging about their grand kids!  Photo from Photobucket (thank you to the person who took it). In the forenoon before the music started everyone had a chance to mingle and get to know others

Cousin Nick (McDonald) Whitsett with Justin McCorkle and myself.  Nick at 16 is an accomplished guitar player and Lynyrd Skynyrd fan.  He was supposed to play with Scott Braswell but their set was cancelled when the rain delayed the program.  Scott cut his own set to make time for the other artists.  We arranged for Nick to play at the last minute and Bruce told him that next year if he comes he would plan to get Nick on early in the program.

Bruce with Donnie Winters and Rich Pierce of Rambler.  The man in the blue tee shirt is a relative of Richard Grace's from Arkansas and unfortunately I have forgotten his name.

Rich Pierce of Rambler and cousin Nick Whitsett.

Bruce and good buddy Richard Grace.  Richard is a student counselor at the University of Phoenix in Nashville and an old friend from Arizona

Kenny Bailey and I spent some time in Bruce's garage talking with Billy Luke (middle) about his days with Johnny Paycheck and Neil Young.  I do not remember the name of his friend in the dark shirt.  Of course that is Jim Wagner of WCR pickups on the right.  All great guys.  Billy Luke came with Chris Hicks of Marshal Tucker Band.  Photo from Photobucket

Granddaughter Ashley, Bruce, me and Britney Zimbeck, Michael's fiance'

Michael, Ashley and Britney with Grandpa

Scott Braswell with Bruce.  Scott, from Belmont, North Carolina, is a fantastic guitarist and teaches guitar at Music Center in Gastonia, North Carolina. He tours with his band Rock Bottom.  This photo is from Photobucket.

Famed guitarist Chris Hicks of Marshal Tucker Band brought his own band to the jamfest.  When I was introduced Chris exclaimed, "Mr. Wall, I've had my back to you many times!"  He introduced me to his lead singers and several of his band members as Mr. Wall.

Granddaughter Nicole Wall with Bo Bice

Cousin Nick Whitsett with Bo Bice

Teri Merchant, Jane Van Zant and Rich Pierce

Mike and cousin Nick

Nick's mom Wendy with Nick's grandmother and aunt

Harley Cocoanut Lamoureux playing the harp with one of the bands
Ronald N. Wall
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