Family Photos of Arthur and Denise Wall of Mesa, Arizona

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Arthur and Ronald, Wadsworth, Ohio, 1947

Arthur Arlie Wall, Ozark, Arkansas, 1944

Arthur Arlie Wall, age 6, Wadsworth, Ohio

Ronald Nevin and Arthur Arlie Wall, Ozark, Arkansas 1944

Ron and Art Wall, 1946 grandfather Wall's farm in Sharon Center, Ohio

Art and Ronald, Grandpa Wall's farm, Sharon Center, Ohio, ca.1950

Arthur Arlie Wall, Sharon Center, Ohio 1954

Arthur and the daughter of tenants of the rental house behind our house owned by Aunt Clara and Uncle Del Bridgman, Sharon Center, Ohio 1954

Arthur Arlie Wall, Sharon Center, Ohio 1954

The start of an idea, Sharon Center, Ohio 1957

Something to stand on

Tin can and 2x4 Herkimer begins to come to life - 1957

Art with finished Herkimer, Sharon Center, Ohio 1957

Art, Stephanie and Denise ca1968-69; I'm not sure where this photo was taken, but the couch looks familiar

Stephanie and Sputnik the dog, Grandpa & Grandma Corbett's trailer on Uncle Chick's farm, 1969

Art and Stephanie, Van Buren, 1969

Stephanie Mary Wall, Van Buren, Arkansas, 1969

Jennifer Denise Wall, 1971, Rota, Spain

Jennifer and Art, Brindisi, Italy November, 1971

Brindisi, Italy - Thanksgiving, 1971

Brindisi, Italy 1971. Stephanie and cousins Tonya and Bruce

Ronald N. Wall
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