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Our Daughter Tonya and family (L-R): Daniel, Tonya, Joey, Jeremy and Jolie, 11 April 2008, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

The Madia Family (L-R): Jeremy "Jay", Joseph "Joey", Jolie "Jo", Tonya and Daniel "Dan" (Wills), Fairmont, West Virginia, April 2008

Prickett's Fort, Fairmont, West Virginia, April 2008

Let's Rock! Fairmont, West Virginia, April 2008

Jolie and Tonya in the kitchen at home in Fairmont, West Virginia, April 2008

Tonya and Jolie doing genealogy research in the Kingwood Cemetery; this is the plot for ggg-grandparents James McGrew and Sarah Ann (Snider) Trowbridge; also buried here is their grandson Madison E. Trowbridge, killed on the battle field in France in 1918 during World War I

Grandpa and grand kids, Fairmont, West Virginia, April 2008

April 2008, Fairmont, West Virginia

April 2008, Fairmont, West Virginia

Jolie, Tonya and Jack, April 2008

Jolie and Jack, Fairmont, West Virginia, April 2008

Jolie ready for her riding lessons (magnolia tree in background), April, 2008

Getting ready to ride - April 2008

Climb aboard!

April 2008

Tonya in front of the Morgantown, W. Va. Genealogy Library; I found quite a bit of published information on the Westfall's and Trowbridge's in this library

Morgantown, West Virginia home of the University of West Virginia.  Morgantown covers the site of the Decker Creek massacre in 1759.  The creek runs along the south edge of Morgantown and empties into the Monogehela River.  A group of Delaware and Mingo Indians attacked the settlement and only two men survived the attack, William and Abel Westfall. For more about this go to "Westfall's In The Old West" part 1.

Tonya helping me with some research at the Harrison Grove Cemetery in Lewis County, south of Weston, West Virginia.  Great Uncle Peter Westfall, his wives and some of his children, and Nathaniel Westfall, my great grandfather, among others, are buried here.  The cemetery is in bad need of care.

Vandals have toppled many of the head stones and leaf litter probably covers others.  I hope to one day go back and clean up the cemetery some and reset the stones or at least turn them face up so they can be read.  My gg-grandmother Lydia Wilson Smith Westfall is buried here but we have been unable to locate her grave.

Civil War cannon at Jackson's Mill, Lewis County, West Virginia, April 2008

Civil War re enactors began pulling in to the Jackson Mill State Park for an event the following day.  I wouldn't advise tailgating this guy!

Jackson's Mill was built by General Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson's grandfather Edward Jackson. When he died it was taken over by Jackson's uncle Cummins and Stonewall Jackson grew up on this site.  Today it is a historical site and 4H camp.  My great  grandparents Nathaniel and Luvenia (Trowbridge) Westfall were married on horseback at Jackson's Mill in 1880.  Also in the 1880's two of Luvenia Trowbridge brothers worked at the mill.  The mill is still functional and you can buy souvenir bags of corn meal and flour ground at the mill.

The upper floor of the mill has been turned into a museum of 19th century farm equipment and tools.  Pictured here is a McCormick reaper.

Historic McWhorter cabin.  This is an authentic 18th century cabin moved from its nearby original site in Lewis County to the Jackson Mill Historic Site and restored.  A family would raise a dozen children in a cabin of this size.

Inside the McWhorter cabin, Jackson Mill Historical Site, April 2008

Prickett's Fort, Fairmont, West Virginia.  This reconstructed civilian fort was patterned after a typical fort built in the 1780's-1790's.  The original fort stood on Jacob Prickett's farm, probably a bit south of the current fort, but no one knows what it looked like.  These forts were used for protection against Indian raids.

Another view of the fort.  The front gate can be seen behind Joey, Tonya and Jolie, April 2008

Inside the fort costumed guides give presentations of 18th century life in a fort.  At various times they have a blacksmith, a potter, a tinker, weavers, store keepers, etc.  Here the guide is giving Tonya and Joey the recipe for dandelion wine.

The Job Pricket house still stands on the property and was occupied until the 1960's.  It was built between 1851 and 1853 and all of the bricks were hand made from the clay on the property.  Job was Jacob Prickett's son.  The original fort probably stood near where the house now is.

The William White monument in the Heavener Cemetery, Buckhannon, Upshur County, West Virginia.  William White was the grandfather of Joel Westfall and a noted scout and Indian fighter.  White was killed in 1782 near Buckhannon.  His life was portrayed in a 1927 romance novel, "The Scout of the Buckongehanon" by John C. McWhorter.

Heavener Cemetery - the reddish obelisk in front of the cedar tree is the monument for Henry Fry Westfall and his wife.  The low hill in the background is the site where William White was killed.  The cemetery is located on the site of the old Buckhannon fort.

Joey and Tonya at the Mary and Henry Fry Westfall monument in Heavener Cemetery.  Henry rose to the rank of General in the West Virginia Militia during the Civil War.  He was born in 1793 and died in 1884 and was a well known citizen of Buckhannon and the State of West Virginia

Jolie, Jeremy and Kali the cat in front of their home in Fairmont, West Virginia.  Grass had not yet covered the area that was cleared when the home was placed there (April 2008)
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