Westfall Graves, Harrison Grove Cemetery, Lewis County, West Virginia

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Harrison Grove Cemetery near Weston, Lewis County, West Virginia

Harrison Grove Cemetery, Weston, Lewis County, West Virginia

This cemetery has a new section at the top of the hill, but our Westfall family members are buried in the old section (shown here) just off of Murphy Creek Road. The old cemetery has suffered from vandalism and overgrowth and many of the headstones that we saw in 2008 were gone when we last visited the cemetery in 2015.

Photo taken in 2008 looking towards the front of the cemetery off Murphy Creek Road. Most of these stones have since been vandalized.

The new section of the cemetery up the hill from the old section as it looked in 2008.

2008 view from about the middle of the cemetery looking towards the Peter Westfall memorial. The Moneypenny family has connections to Peter.

May 2009

Francis M. (1850-1923) and Lydia Ann (Westfall) Markley (1854-1915) grave site, early 2008. My grandson Daniel Wills and his mother Tonya (Wall) Madia.

Lydia was the sister of my great grandfather Nathaniel. Their mother Lydia Wilson-Smith-Westfall is buried near the Markley gaves, but her marker was stolen years ago. Their graves are at the back of the cemetery just off the trail leading up to the new section.

Laura Lancaster-Westfall, wife of Isaac Simpson Westfall, is buried to the left of the large Markley stones in the Lancaster family plot. I assume the toppled headstone is Laura's father John M. Lancaster. On the right is Laura's mother Emily A. Lancaster (1841-1921). The blue box on the middle stone is my "cemetery kit" of soft bristle brush and chalk.

2008 photo, my daughter Tonya and Laura's headstone.

Laura L. wife of I.S. Westfall, born Aug. 18, 1879, Died Apr. 6, 1903. Isaac was the son of Peter and Mary Jane Reger, born on July 16, 1879, died in Florida in the 1960's,

The base of Laura's headstone. Isaac and Laura were married Aug. 18, 1902 near Polk Creek, Camden, Lewis County.

Peter Westfall was the son of John H. Westfall and Elizabeth Allman, born Dec. 6, 1840 in Lewis County (where Lewis later became Upshur), died Feb. 27, 1913 probably at his home in Edmiston, (no longer exists) Lewis County. Peter was the half brother to my great grandfather Nathaniel J. Westfall.

Grand Army of the Republic, Peter Westfall, Co. C. 10th Va. Infantry, 1840-1913.

The grave of my great grandfather Nathiel Jonathan Westfall is just to the right of Peter's stone. It is visible, laying on the ground, in this picture in front and to my left.

Nathaniel J. Westfall, son of John H. Westfall and Lydia (Wilson-Smith) Westfall, born Dec. 25, 1852 in Randolph County, died Sept. 29, 1915 in Akron, Summit County, Ohio from Tuberculosis. His body was shipped back to Weston for his funeral and burial. "Gone but not forgotten"

In 2015 his headstone had been partially buried in the mud. Before I left West Virginia my daughter Tonya, husband Joey, and granddaughter Jolie dug up his headstone and set it upright and leaned it against its original base.

2008 Photo, wives and children of Peter Westfall

The wives of Peter Westfall (the stone cap was laying on the fround in front of the stone). Barbera (Reger), Oct. 1 1843-Dec. 15, 1877; Mary Jane (Reger - Barbera's sister) Feb. 7, 1849-Dec. 19, 1887; Peggy Taylor (daughter of William Taylor), died Oct. 10, 1897 Aged 60 Years (from diabeties, no Westfall children).

Virginia Westfall, daughter? of Peter and Barbera, born(?) Sept. 1870 age 21 years (d. 1891?). This inscription is confusing; normally it is the date of death and age. I have not been able to confirm this information from other records.

Luthorium, Jan. 16, 1865-Jan. 10, 1877, son of Peter and Barbera; two unknow infants; Ada, Feb. 6, 1884-July 12, 1896, the daughter of Peter and Mary Jane. Ada was accidentily shot and killed in Edmiston by a neighbor boy who was playing with a .22 rifle he thought was unloaded. The bullet entered an upstairs bedroom where Ada was playing with friends and hit her in the chest. She ran to her father and collapsed and died in his arms.

Photo 2013, we replaced the cap stone - Children of Peter Westfall, graves located to the left of Peter's monument in the family plot.

2008 photo, toppled headstones of Thomas G. Smith, son of Lydia Wilson and Solomon Smith, half brother of Peter and Nathaniel J. Westfall. The stone for wife Mildred next to his. Nathaniel purchased his land on Cove Lick Road, Lewis County from Thomas in the late 1870's or in 1880.

This is an undated photo by an unknown photographer sent to me by one of the descendants of Thomas or his brother William McKindra Smith. Thomas G. Smith Born Mar. 21, 1841 Died Aug. 11, 1924.

Mildred, wife of Thomas G. Smith, Mar. 8, 1852-Mar. 8, 1916.

Eliza L., daughter of Thomas and Mildred Smith, Born Apr. 19, 1895, Died Sep. 10, 1896.

The Smiths are buried towards the front of the cemetery on the southwest side. By 2015, the last time we visited Harrison Grove Cemetery, a large tree had fallen over their grave site.
Ronald N. Wall
Modified: 27 July 2020