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I'm not certain of the exact location of this cemetery. It is west of Buckhannon near the community of Lorentz, on the Ada Allman farm, north and overlooking the four lane combined U.S. 33/48/119 highway. These pictures were sent to me in November, 2007 by Allman descendant Stephen "Joe" Williams, who photographed the cemetery.

William Allman was the father of Elizabeth Allman, wife of our ancestor John H. Westfall (1806-1870). His grave may not be in this cemetery and this headstone was a relatively recent addition.

George Allman (1800-1877) was the son of William Allman. He was born at Hackers Creek, Lewis County, and died August 7, 1877 in Upshur County.

George Allman married Barbara Westfall (1802-1854), daughter of Cornelius Westfall and Elizabeth Allman, on December 21, 1820 in Lewis County (the area now in Upshur Co.) He married Mildren C. Brown (1819-1903) on March 27, 1855 in Lewis County.

Mary E. Allman, daughter of George and Barbara Westfall Allman was born in Lewis County on December 31, 1840 and died in Lewis (Upshur) County in 1850. George Allman and Barbara Westfall had nine children: Elizabeth, Peter, Samuel, Margaret, Isaac Newton, Phebe, Mary E., George W., and Martha Catherine. George and Mildren had a son Jefferson.
Ronald N. Wall
Modified: 27 July 2020