Cemeteries in Sharon Township, Medina County, Ohio

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The Wall family plot, Sharon Cemetery, Sharon Center, Medina County, Ohio on Hwy 94 two miles south of town.  The obelisk stands on the NE corner of the plot. The two stones behind me are those of my grandparents, Reason D. and Winifred (Tyler) Wall

My father's grave, Sharon Cemetery (Vivian Arlie Wall)


(with two WWII plaques)

Summer time view of the Wall plot. The small stones in front are in the first row next to the highway just to the right of the north end of the cemetery road. These stones belong to the family of my great great grandparents Charles and Sophia Wall and three of their children. A corner of Dad's stone is visible behind the right side of the obelisk. My grandparents Reason Deforest and Winifred P. Wall are to the left of the obelisk.

"Father Charles Wall Died Jan 10, 1893, Aged 84 Yrs. 3 Mo. 27 Ds." Charles is my great great grandfather and one of the early settlers of Sharon Township, arriving there in the mid 1820's. He died in the flu epidemic in the winter of 1893-94.

"Mother Sophia Wall wife of Charles Wall died Aug 23, 1886 age 77 years." Charles and Sophia had 10 children. The three who died as children are buried next to their mother and father.

"Charles son of C. & S. Wall Died Oct. ??? [1842] aged 2 [mo] ?? [Days]

William Son of C. & S. Wall Died [Jan 26, 1849] Aged 8 yrs 3 Mo & 28 Dys

"Margaret Dau of C. & S. Wall Died Feb ?? 1850 Aged 1 Yr 11 Mo & 7 Ds". Little Margaret died from the measles epidemic that swept Sharon Township in the winter of 1849-50.

My grandfather Reason Deforest Wall, born November 25, 1875 in Sharon Township and died April 14, 1965 in Wadsworth, Ohio. In February 1965 we drove from San Antonio, Texas to Ohio with our month-old son Bruce to visit my grandfather and other family members. In April we returned for grandpa's funeral.

My grandmother Winifred Pearl (Tyler) Wall, born June 21, 1876 in Wadsworth, Ohio, died June 4, 1958 at home on the farm in Sharon Center. I remember the day vividly. Grandma was surrounded by many of her children, their spouses and several grandchildren. The grandchildren, including me, waited outside the house until the word came from inside that Grandma had died.

My father, Vivian Arlie Wall, Pvt. 1st Class, 99th Field Hospital; born November 11, 1921 in Sharon, died March 31, 1946 in a Lodi, Ohio hospital, U. S. Army. The "Ruptured Duck" emblem (actually an eagle) sitting on the left side of the stone indicates that he was assigned inactive duty awaiting final discharge during WWII when he was killed. Dad had returned from Italy a few months before and was out on a date. As he was returning home late at night his car was struck by a switch engine at an unmarked railroad crossing in Creston, Ohio. He died from his injuries the next day in the Lodi hospital.

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