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Liberty Cemetery, James A. Allen monument and white stones with no inscriptions.

The grave of James A. Allen ("Died August 19, 1912"), son of Alexander and Nancy (Branson) Allen in the Liberty Cemeter. Uncle "Billy" Fred R. Allen by the headstone of his grandfather.

James A. Allen ca.1900. James and his father Alexander Allen operated a store in Long, Oklahoma. James Allen was born in July, 1872 in Jasper Township, Crawford County, Arkansas and died at the age of 40 in Liberty on August 19, 1912 three years before the death of his father. He was married twice, first to Ora F. Suttles and second to Amanda O. Montgomery.

James A. Allen monument, photo courtesy of Mrs. Fannie Titsworth.

The graves of D. Eric and Mildred L. Allen, "David Eric Sept 30, 1916 - Oct 27, 1986" and "Mildred L. Apr 22, 1920 - Dec 4, 2002". In the middle, "Wed Nov 20, 1937".
Eric was the nephew of James A. and Ora (Suttles) Allen and the son of John Wesley and Cynthia Ann (Vaughn) Allen. Eric was the author of several westerns set in eastern Oklahoma and western Arkansas. For several years he was a journalist for the Times Record in Fort Smith, Arkansas.

Mrs. Martha Mildren (Suttles) Southern was the mother of Ora Suttles Allen, wife of James A. Allen and grandmother of John Ancil Allen, Sue's grandfather. This headstone is in the Macawber Cemetery, Depew, Oklahoma.

Gracemont Cemetery, Gracemont, Oklahoma

Grave of John Ancil Allen, Gracemont Cemetery, Grancemont, Oklahoma, southwest of Oklahoma City. After his death a friend of his had him buried in this cemetery. At the time no one purchased a headstone and his grave was unmarked for decades.

Mrs. Frances Allen Titsworth with the headstone she purchased in January, 2016 for her grandfather's grave in Gracemont Cemetery.

John Ancil Allen, son of James A. Allen and Ora F. Suttles, was born in Oklahoma on June 14, 1894. He died in Oklahoma City on August 24, 1965.

Dunlap Cemetery, Mutual, Woodward County, Oklahoma, Grave of Ancil B. Whitsitt

Youngers Bend Grave of Outlaw Queen Belle Starr, Porum, Oklahoma

Ancil Bassett Whitsitt was the son of Joseph Wright Whitsitt (1813-1892) and Elvira Foster (1819-1872) and grandson of William Whitsitt (1767-1854) of Jefferson County, Indiana. He was born in Deputy, Jefferson County, Indiana and died in Guthrie, Oklahoma. He was married twice, first to Lurana Honeyman (1865-1904) and second to Nannie E. Demond (1862-1942).

Belle Starr and her horse Venus photographed in Fort Smith, Arkansas about 1886 when she was arrested for robbery and horse theft and brought to Judge Isaac Parker for trial. She was aquitted on both charges.

Belle was shot in the back by an unknown assailant, suspected to be her neighbor Edgar Watson, just a few yards from her home. Sometime after her death Belle's daughter Pearl erected a tomb and headstone on her grave. Soon, people looking for souveniers chipped pieces of her grave stone (apparent in this photo on both edges of the stone).

This is an early photo of Belle's grave. Her house is on the left and the barn on the right.

For many years her grave and homestead was neglected. The buildings rotted away and her grave decayed. More than a century later public interest in her and her story caused the state of Oklahoma to restore the grave site and erect a historical marker. It is now a popular tourist destination south of Porum, Oklahoma on the Canadian River near the Lake Eufala dam on the southeast end of the lake.
Ronald N. Wall
Modified: 24 July 2020