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Google Map - Machackemeck Dutch Reformed Church Burying Grounds, Port Jervis, New York

The spelling of "Magagkamack" was usually Machackemech in the early 18th century. "No Buggies or Wheeled Vehicles"

St. Mary's Cemetery can be seen in the upper left. Many early graves in Machackemech were unmarked.

Simon Westfall was the son of Jurie Westfall and Blandina DeWitt. He was born in Rensselaer County near Kingston, New York on July 30, 1721 and died in Machackemech (Port Jervis) on April 21, 1805.

Simon was married first to Janetje Westbroeck (1743) in Dutchess County, New York. I cannot identify his wife Senia.

The Van Aken family were distant relatives of the Westfall family of New York and New Jersey. Sarah Van Aken married Nicholas Westfall (son of ancestor Jurien Westfall) October 20, 1712 in Kingston.

The inscription on the stone for William, next to Senia Westfall, is mostly unreadable. I do not believe him to be a Westfall, possibly a relative of Senia.

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Ronald N. Wall
Added: 26 July 2020