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These photos were sent to me by Mr. Richard Adams of Georgia in April 2012. These graves are located on the Grey Moss plantation which is halfway between Alanta and Tallahassee, Florida, northeast of Leesburg, Georgia.

This is the plot containing the Whitsett-Clegg-Ferguson graves.

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Rachel Susan (Whitsett) Clegg, wife of Virgil A. Clegg, daughter of John Whitsett and Elizabeth Green, born April 6, 1840, Lee County, Georgia and died January 3, 1870 in Lee County.

Rachel Eula Maud Clegg was the daughter of Virgil A. Clegg and Rachel Susan Whitsett. She was born about September, 1869 in Lee County and died while away from home about May, 1885.

Infant children buried in the Clegg plot.

John T. G. Whitsett was the son of John Whitsett and Elizabeth J. Green, born Nov. 28, 1851 and was killed Oct. 30, 1878. This monument and mystery motivated Richard Adams to contact me in April 2012. I have been unable to shed any light on the circumstances of his death.


Mary E. (maiden name unknown) is buried in the same small plot as the Clegg family members. Her relationship, if any, to them is unknown. I have been completely unsuccessful trying to track down this family.

John Quincy Ferguson, son of J.T. and M.E. Ferguson, born Oct 1, 1872, died Oct. 10, 1886 "By being thrown from a horse".

Rachel Green, wife of Benjamin Green died November 11, 1861 aged about 65 years (born about 1795-96). Benjamin and Rachel Green were probably the parents of Elizabeth who married John Whitsett in Lee County, Georgia about 1845.

John Whitsett was the son of Samuel Whitsett and Susan Lowe of Rockingham County, North Carolina. He was born April 11, 1810 in Rockingham County and died in Lee County, Georgia on February 18, 1852. He was the grandson of James Whitsett and Mary Moore of Rockingham County. This information was sent to me by Uley T. Morgan years ago. He compliled a family history, "The Family of Samuel Whitsett and His Two Wives" (Macon, Georgia, 1989). Several of John's siblings moved to Dooly and Lee counties in Georgia.  
Ronald N. Wall
Modified: 17 July 2020