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Oak Cemetery, Fort Smith


Historic Oak Cemetery in Fort Smith, Arkansas.  Many pioneers are buried here including some of the Deputy U.S. Marshals who worked for Judge Isaac Parker (buried in the National Cemetery).  The cemetery is located on the south east corner of Greenwood Ave. and Dobson Ave.

Historic Oak Cemetery in Fort Smith, Arkansas between S. Greenwood and Old Greenwood Rd. overlooking Hunt Park and Creekmore Park. The primary entrance to the cemetery is half a block south east of Dobson and S. Greenwod Ave. Information on the locations of specific graves is available from the small building near the main entrance.

William Isaac Whitsett came to Huntington, Sebastian County in 1895 from Lauderdale County, Alabama. He lived in several places in and near Fort Smith, including Mena and Jasper Township (Figure Five) in Crawford County. According to his death certificate he died in Jasper township on 7 December 1927 from chronic nephritis, a urinary tract infection that left untreated causes kidney failure and death. William Isaac was born in Lauderdale County on 11 September 1859, the son of William and Mary Ann (Hopson) Whitsett and the grandson of Isaac and Betty (Wilson) Whitsett, early settlers of Lauderdale County.

Carolyn Sue (Whitsett) Wall by the grave of her great grandfather, William Isaac Whitsett. William was married to Fannie Bell McDaniels. She apprently died in or near Detroit, but we have been unable to obtain a death certificate or find where she is buried.

NOV 21, 1895    MAY 16, 1980

Two plots to the right of William Isaac is his son Clifford C. Whitsett of Huntington, Arkansas. We were fortunate to have spoken with Clifford over the phone in 1979 a few months before he died.

OCT. 11, 1895
DEC. 3, 1918

This stone is located between William I. Whitsett and Clifford C. Whitsett, indicating a family relationship. After some research we discovered that Lillie (Walpole) Raley was the daughter of Charles and Sue Walpole and sister of Joe Walpole, husband of Lula B. Whitsett. Because of the location of her grave I wonder if she was raised in the household of William and Fannie (McDaniel) Whitsett.

NOV. 15, 1884
OCT. 13, 1918

Lula B. (Whitsett) Walpole was the daughter of William Isaac Whitsett and wife of Joseph Walpole. This headstone has Woodsman symbol on it. It is located very near to the other Whitsett headstones in Oak Cemetery

U.S. National Cemetery, Fort Smith, Arkansas

Entrance to the National Cemetery in Fort Smith. Buried here are several historical figures such as Judge Isaac Parker and General William O. Darby, as well as several members of our family. Sue and I hope that the FS National Cemetery will be our final resting place as well.

The National Cemetery is near downtown Fort Smith behind the Convention Center. The front entrance is at the intersection of Wheeler Ave. and S. 6th St.

JUN 3 1921 JUL 24 1982

Sue and her mother Bonnie Delois "Lois" (Allen) Miller at the grave of Sue's step-father Edward Miller in the Fort Smith National Cemetery. Lois is buried in the same grave as is the Veteran's Administration custom. Her name appears on the back of Ed's headstone -
Bonnie Delois Miller (June 24, 1925 - Nov 16, 1991).

James Robert Allen, son of John Ancil Allen and Florence E. Brewer, born in Crawford County, Arkansas and died in Fort Smith.

Thell was married to Sue's aunt, Betty Jone (Whitsett) Biggerstaff. Thell died in Van Buren.

Betty Jone (not Jane) Whitsett Biggerstaff, wife of Thell, daughter of James Guy Whitsett and Hessie Malinda Barrett.

Uncle Lee Roy Stockton, son of Silas C. Stockton and Ora Smith, was born in Altus, Franklin County, Arkansas, lived in Van Buren and died in the hospital in Fort Smith. He married Elnore Lucille Corbett in Franklin


My wife, born in Van Buren, Arkansas, daughter of Bonnie DeLois (Allen) and Wayne Whitsett, died in Fort Smith on August 1, 2018 from sudden cardiac arrest. She is buried in the National Cemetery in Section 27 Grave 1372.


The four Corbett plots are located towards the back of the cemetery, in front of the old slave cemetery plots.

Dripping Springs Cemetery


The Dripping Springs Cemetery is located in Crawford County, Arkansas north of Van Buren off Old Union Town Road. What used to be Dripping Springs Rd. is now Dripping Springs Trail. We owe a debt of gratitude to Francis (Allen) Titsworth for these photos.

Arthur Corbett was my great grandfather. He was born in Swan Village (then called Swan Farm) near Birmingham, England and died in Van Buren, Crawford County, Arkansas.

My grandfather, Arthur Edmon Corbett was born on April 24, 1899 in Akron, Summit County, Ohio. He died on September 21, 1968 in Saint Edwards (now Mercy) hospital in Fort Smith, Sebastian County.

My grandmother Osa B (Westfall) Corbett was born in Copley, Lewis County, West Virginia. My grandmother told me that her parents (Nathaniel and Luvenia (Trowbridge) Westfall gave all of their kids an initial instead of a middle name so they could pick their own middle names when old enough to do so. Thus the "B" should be written without a period. Osa Corbett died in St. Edwards Hospital in Fort Smith.

Wayne Arthur Corbett, infant son of James Arthur and Pamela (Ascroft) Corbett, Oct. 7, 1958-Oct. 8, 1958. Dripping Springs Cemetery north of Van Buren. Aunt Pam and Uncle Jim (now deceased) subsequently had three children, Sharon, Clayton and Damon Corbett.

My grandparents, Arthur E. and Osa B. (Westfall) Corbett, ca.1954, Crawford County, Arkansas

Arthur Corbett, Sr. (Sept. 8, 1874 - Nov. 11, 1955) shortly before his death, Van Buren, Arkansas.

My brother Mike and his great grandfather, Arthur Corbett, Sr. What a great photo.


Bryant Cemetery, Crawford County, Arkansas


Bryant Cemetery is located in Cove City Township, Crawford County, Arkansas near Chester and Natural Dam. It is off North Lee Creek Rd (Arkansas Rt. 220)

These photos are courtesy of Francis "Fannie" Allen Titsworth, taken and posted on Find A Grave in 2008.

Arminda Spencer was born on January 14, 1862 in Crawford County, the daughter of John Spencer. She married James Gregory Allen in 1877 in Decatur, Texas. Arminda died on November 18, 1924 in Cove City Township, Crawford County, Arkansas.

This is the original headstone for Aminda Elizabeth (Spencer) Allen in the Bryant Cemetery.

James Gregory Allen was born January 9, 1854 probably in Crawford County. He died August 19, 1909 in Blackburn, Washington County, Arkansas. His headstone is next to Arminda in the Bryant Cemetery.

Arminda (Spencer) Allen was married to James Gregory Allen, the brother of our ancestor Alexander Allen.

Blackburn Cemetery, Winslow, Ark.

Camp Meeting Cemetery, Devils Den State Park


Nancy Miller (Allen) Center was born November 4, 1845 in Crawford County (now Washington County), Arkansas. She died in Winslow, Washington County, Arkansas and is buried in the Blackburn Cemetery in Winslow. She was the sister of Alexander and James Gregory Allen. She married Marcus L. Center.

The boys are relatives of Mrs. Fannie Titsworth. She believes that members several of the family of John Pitcher and Polly Taylor Allen are buried here. If there were headstones in the Camp Meeting Cemetery, they are long gone.


The now deserted town of Anna no longer appears on road maps. Using old maps of Crawford County, which are not very detailed, it appears to me that Anna was located off N. Lee Creek Road near the Junction Campground in Devils Den State Park near Winslow.

Part of old building foundation at the Camp Meeting Cemetery, Anna Arkansas.

What is left of the Camp Meeting Cemetery at Anna.




Newberry Chapel Cemetery,


Newberry Chapel Cemetery is north of Alma and east of Rudy on Old Rudy Road.

The family of James Guy Whitsett, Roy Gene and Reba Whitsett, Hessie Barrett Whitsett, Wayne Whitsett, and Freda Bromley at his grave in 1962, Newberry Chapel Cemetery.

1962 - grandchildren of James Guy and Hessie Whitsett

Wayne and Iva Whitsett, 1962

Hessie Melinda (Barrett) Whitsett, 1962.

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