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Our thanks to Mr. Joseph Whitsitt Strickland who visited Havana, Hale Co., Alabama and took pictures of these grave stones for John and Sarah (Thompson) Whitsitt. John and Sarah were the grandparents of Sarah Childress Polk, wife of President James K. Polk.

"JOHN WHITSITT WAS BORN the 8th of October 1743 and died the 11th of August 1810". The graves are located a little ways south of Havana, Alabama. In May 2000, when Mr Strickland sent me these photos Mr. and Mrs. Ed and Mary Avery owned the property. I am unable now to locate the spot on Bing Maps.

"SARAH WHITSITT was born 15th of January 1747 and died 31st of August 1831." Mr. Strickland was unable to enhance the photo to bring out the lettering, due to lighting and poor contrast. The original homsestead was just north of the grave yard (now gone).

These are the bases for the original headstones for Josiah and Mary (Whitsitt) Perry. The originia headstones were moved to the Havanah Methodist Church a mile or so north of this location.

These are the original headstones now in the Havana Methodist Church graveyard about a mile north of the original grave site.


Ronald N. Wall
Modified: 29 September 2017