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Some links to excellent Trowbridge Web sites

Please email me to report broken links. I have not tested all of these recently.

Charlie Scott's Trowbridge's Website

links to many other sites related to Trowbridge genealogy.

Paine Family Web site 

A fine Trowbridge page. Navigation needed some improvement and the author of the site should take credit for his or her work.

Arthur Steele Web Site

This site is no longer available. I have been told that Mr. Steele had passed away.

Herb Huston Web Site

Information on early Trowbridge's. Unfortunately it lacks documentation.

The Genealogy of Cheryl Trowbridge-Miller

This is a very informative web site authored and maintained by Cheryl. It has lots of info on the early Trowbridge family and many, many links to other sites related to the family. Visit this site if you are truly interested in the long genealogy of the Trowbridge family.

Ron Wall's Trowbridge's

This link is to my own Trowbridge Home Page on this site

The Dean Family Web site

Connection to Trowbridge family of New York and Kittle family of West Virginia. Nice site, well laid out and with sources!

Frank and Sharon Dean

If you have a Trowbridge family history or genealogy website, email me. I'll be more than happy to add it. All I ask is that you do me the same. THANKS!


Ronald N. Wall
Modified: 24 February 2018