Kingwood Cemetery (Maplewood), Kingwood, West Virginia - photos of the last resting place for some members of our Trowbridge family

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The Kingwood Cemetery, also known as the Maplewood Cemetery, is located off Maplewood Dr. and S. Sigler St. in the south west side of Kingwood, Preston County, West Virginia



Samuel Ruble Trowbridge, born 1782, died 1864. The inscription says "Tribute of loving remembrance erected by his daughter Martha Parks."  The monument is on the up hill side of the cemetery closest to Maplewood Dr.  It appears to be one of the older sections.

Next to Samuel's monument is that of Susan (Sheets) Trowbridge, Samuel's second wife.  The inscriptions gives the dates 1798-1861 and "Tribute in loving remembrance erected by her daughter Martha Parks."

Just behind Samuel and Susan's monuments is Margaret J. Trowbridge, Mar. 6, 1830, Mar. 17, 1903.  She was the daughter of Samuel and Susan.

Martha, daughter of Samuel Ruble and Susan (Sheets) Trowbridge.  The name of her husband is not known. The headstone is down hill from those of her parents near the same section.

Trowbridge monument marking the family plot for James McGrew Trowbridge family.  The flat stones in the row behind this monument are James M. and Sarah Ann (Snider) Trowbridge.  This is located on the west side of the cemetery

My daughter and granddaughter and the headstone for my great great grandfather James McGrew Trowbridge.

James McGrew Trowbridge 1826-1909, Maplewood Cemetery, Kingwood, West Virginia . He was the son of Samuel Grady and Jane (McGrew) Trowbridge and the grandson of David and Mary (Grady) Trowbridge

Sarah Ann Trowbridge 1834-1918 located left of her husband James McGrew Trowbridge.  She was the daughter of Samuel Snider and Elizabeth Albright; she was the granddaughter of John Snider and Margaret Price, and of David Albright and Susannah Miller

Corporal Madison Ellsworth Trowbridge, killed in France in 1918, son of Joseph Madison Trowbridge and Zonie Farnsworth Holyfield and grandson of James M. and Sarah A. Trowbridge.  He is buried in the same family plot as his grandparents and his headstone is just left of his grandmother's.

This picture with my daughter and granddaughter gives a better idea of the location of the James McGrew Trowbridge family plot

Thomas Jefferson Trowbridge and wife Mary E. not far from the James M. Trowbridge plots.  Thomas was the son of Jesse Trowbridge and Sarah Pugh and the grandson of Samuel and Jane (Ruble) Trowbridge.  Thomas was born Oct. 21, 1817 and died June 28, 1888; Mary was born April 28, 1837 and died June 18, 1930.

Israel S. Trowbridge (1875-1958), son of Thomas J. and Mary E. Trowbridge.  His headstone is left and slightly behind the large headstone of his parents.  Nothing more is known (by me) about Israel.

The James Clark McGrew monument (with my granddaughter Jolie).  This large monument is along the drive on the east end of the cemetery and the same row as Samuel R. and Susan Trowbridge obelisks

James Clark McGrew and wife Persis Hagans McGrew in the Kingwood Cemetery.  James C. McGrew was the brother of Jane McGrew, the mother of James McGrew Trowbridge.  One of James Trowbridge's daughters was named Persis in honor of her great aunt.
Ronald N. Wall
Modified: 23 March 2017