The Stockton Family genealogy and history from Altus, Franklin County and Van Buren, Crawford County, Arkansas with Family Photos in the possession of Ron and Sue Whitsett Wall

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My aunt Elinor, Uncle Lee Roy and baby cousin Linda Rae Stockton, Los Angeles, California March, 1948

Uncle Lee Roy, aunt Elinor and cousin Linda Stockton, California, 1949

My mother Clara (Corbett) Wall holding cousin Linda, California, ca.1949

Cousin Linda Rae Stockton, ca1949

My mother Clara Wall (left) and aunt Dorothy Corbett; mom is holding little cousin Linda Rae Stockton. The young man pulling on his pants after swiming in the creek is uncle Jimmie Corbett. At the far right is my great grandfather Arthur Corbett, on Lee's Creek, 1950.

Uncle to be Cletus "Chick" Stockton and aunt Dorothy Corbett, Lee's Creek, Crawford County, Arkansas, 1950. Uncle Chick and Dorothy were married in 1955

Aunt Dorothy (Corbett) Stockton, ca1950's

Three of their grandchildren, my grandfather, Arthur and grandmother Osa Corbett, L-R: cousin Karen Stockton, brother Loy Michael "Mike" White, cousin Linda Stockton in 1955. At this time I was still living in Ohio

Aunt Elinor and uncle Lee Roy, cousins Karen and Linda Stockton, Van Buren, Arkansas, 1955.

(Adults, L-R) Aunt Elinor Corbett Stockton, great grandfather Arthur and grandfather Arthur E. Corbett, my mother Clara Corbett Wall; (children) cousins Karen Sue and Linda Rae Stockton, my little brother Loy Michael White; Van Buren, Crawford County, Arkansas, Christmas, 1954. My great grandfather Corbett died in November, 1955.  He is buried in the Dripping Springs Cemetery. This is one of the last pictures of him.

Cousins Linda and Karen Stockton, Van Buren, Arkansas, 1954

Karen and Linda, Van Buren, 1954

Linda, Karen and aunt Elinor Van Buren, Ark. 1954

Cousin Karen Sue Stockton, Easter, 1955

Cousin Linda Rae Stockton, Easter 1955

Cousin Karen Sue Stockton, 1958. Even at this age, Karen had a tremendous resemblance to her mother, Elinor.

Christmas, 1959, Van Buren, Arkansas; children on the floor (L-R) brother Loy Michael White, cousin Becky Lynn Stockton, cousin Karen Sue Stockton, cousin Sharon Anne Corbett; at the organ, grandma Osa Corbett; women, (L-R) aunt Elinor Stockton, aunt Dorothy Stockton holding cousin Sandra Kay Stockton, cousin Linda Stockton, aunt Pamela (Ashcroft) Corbett; men, (L-R) uncle James Corbett, uncle Lee Roy Stockton, me (Ronald Wall), uncle Cletus Stockton, grandpa Arthur E. Corbett.

Cousin Becky Lynn Stockton, with her "I Like Mike" campaign button, at our grandparents Arthur and Osa Corbett 10 acre farm, Van Buren, Arkansas, 1959


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Ronald N. Wall
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