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Aunt Elinor, Uncle Lee Roy and baby cousin Linda Rae Stockton, Los Angeles, California March, 1948

Uncle Lee Roy, aunt Elinor and cousin Linda Stockton, California, 1949

My mother Clara (Corbett) Wall holding cousin Linda, California, ca.1949

Cousin Linda Rae Stockton, ca1949

My mother Clara Wall (left) and aunt Dorothy Corbett; mom is holding little cousin Linda Rae Stockton. The young man pulling on his pants after swiming in the creek is uncle Jimmie Corbett. At the far right is my great grandfather Arthur Corbett, on Lee's Creek, 1950.

Uncle to be Cletus "Chick" Stockton and aunt Dorothy Corbett, Lee's Creek, Crawford County, Arkansas, 1950. Uncle Chick and Dorothy were married in 1955

Aunt Dorothy (Corbett) Stockton, ca1950's

Three of their grandchildren, my grandfather, Arthur and grandmother Osa Corbett, L-R: cousin Karen Stockton, brother Loy Michael "Mike" White, cousin Linda Stockton in 1955.

Aunt Elinor and uncle Lee Roy, cousins Karen and Linda Stockton, Van Buren, Arkansas, 1955.

(Adults, L-R) Aunt Elinor Corbett Stockton, great grandfather Arthur and grandfather Arthur E. Corbett, my mother Clara Corbett Wall; (children) cousins Karen Sue and Linda Rae Stockton, my little brother Loy Michael White; Van Buren, Crawford County, Arkansas, 1955. My great grandfather Corbett died in November, 1955.  He is buried in the Dripping Springs Cemetery. This is the last photo of him.

Cousins Linda and Karen Stockton, Van Buren, Arkansas, circa 1955

Karen and Linda, Van Buren, ca.1955

Linda, Karen and aunt Elinor Van Buren, Ark.

Cousin Karen Sue Stockton, Easter, 1955

Cousin Linda Rae Stockton, Easter 1955

Cousin Karen Sue Stockton, 1958. Even at this age, Karen had a tremendous resemblance to her mother, Elinor.

Christmas, 1959, Van Buren, Arkansas; children on the floor (L-R) brother Loy Michael White, cousin Becky Lynn Stockton, cousin Karen Sue Stockton, cousin Sharon Anne Corbett; at the organ, grandma Osa Corbett; women, (L-R) aunt Elinor Stockton, aunt Dorothy Stockton holding cousin Sandra Kay Stockton, cousin Linda Stockton, aunt Pamela (Ashcroft) Corbett; men, (L-R) uncle James Corbett, uncle Lee Roy Stockton, me (Ronald Wall), uncle Cletus Stockton, grandpa Arthur E. Corbett.

Cousin Becky Lynn Stockton, with her "I Like Mike" campaign button, at our grandparents Arthur and Osa Corbett 10 acre farm, Van Buren, Arkansas, 1959

Aunt Dorothy, cousins Becky and Linda Stockton, Christmas 1959 at my grandparents Arthur and Osa (Westfall) Corbett's home.

Mrs. Ora (Smith) Stockton, mother of uncles Lee Roy and Chick, and uncle Jimmy Corbett, Christmas, 1959, Van Buren, Arkansas. Mrs. Stockton used snuff (finely ground tobacco). She always had her Folgers spittoon with her when she visited.

Cousin Becky Stockton and my brother Loy Michael White, Christmas 1959 at grandpa and grandma Corbett's home. Until I had children and grandchildren of my own, this was the best Christmas I had up to then.

Cousin Karen Sue Stockton at our grandparent's Arthur and Osa Corbett small farm near Van Buren, Arkansas, summer of 1960. Grandpa's powder blue Edsel in the background.

My grandmother Osa Corbett with grandchildren Karen Stockton and Mike White, 1960, Lee's Creek, Crawford County, Arkansas

Uncles Cletus "Chick" Stockton and Lee Roy Stockton, doing some work on Uncle Chick's farm, 1960. I originally thought the man stooping over was uncle Dee Howard, but as I was trying to improve this photo I realized that it was probably not him. I believe the man is a Stockton relative, but I'm not able to identify him.

Cousins Sandra Kay and Rebecca Lynn "Becky" Stockton, about 1960.  This is a studio photo.

Cousins Karen and Linda Stockton and my wife to be Carolyn Sue Whitsett, Thanksgiving, 1962, at our grandparent Arthur and Osa Corbett's home, Van Buren, Arkansas. At the time I was stationed in Wakkanai Air Station, Hokkido, Japan about 30 miles south of the Soviet island of Sakhalinsk. Just the month before me, my fellow airmen and our families had to sweat out the Cuban missile crisis.

Mrs. Ora (Smith) Stockton, Thanksgiving, 1962. This may be the last picture taken of Mrs. Stockton before her death in 1963. Cousin Linda Stockton in (red) vest and aunt Elinor (Corbett) Stockton in background.

I believe this is cousin Becky with her new brother Larry Olen Stockton at our grandpa and grandma Corbett's farm, Van Buren, late in 1963 or early 1964.

Cowboys Lee Roy and Cletus Stockton with horse Stranger, Van Buren, Arkansas 1968. Anyone who knew them would testify, uncle Lee Roy and uncle Chick were never ones to take life too seriously.

Uncle Lee Roy and Stranger, 1968. I don't remember who belonged to Stranger, but this photo was taken by my mother on my grandparent's ten acre mini-ranch.

The extended family of aunt Elinor and uncle Lee Roy Stockton at our family reunion, my mother's place in Roland, Oklahoma in 1983. Adults, L-R: cousin Linda and husband Charles (Wayne) Rhodes; aunt Elinor and uncle Lee Roy; cousin Karen and husband David McKinley. The rambunctious boy is 10 year old Benjamin "Ben" Garrett Rhodes, his brother, 17 year old Charles Jeffery "Jeff" Rhodes was not at the reunion; next, Karen and David's sons Michael Cory, Robert Jason and Robin Berry McKinley.

A studio photo of cousins Rebecca Lynn "Becky", Larry Olan and Sandra Kay "Sandy" Stockton, daughters and son of Cletus and Dorothy (Corbett) Stockton. This portrait was taken sometime in the 1980's.

Aunt Dorothy (Corbett) Stockton and some of her family and grandchildren, Roland, Oklahoma, 1983. Larry Stockton is holding his first child. His wife is on his right. Because I was in the Air Force and then lived in Arizona I was not around Becky, Sandy or Larry much at all as they grew up, got married and had kids of their own. Larry was closest in age to my son Bruce who did get to know his cousin Larry and they spent some time together when Bruce and his two young children, Michael and Ashley, lived in Arkansas for a short time. Cousin Becky is the woman on the left with her three children, eight year old Brent Lee Oden, five year old Brannon Michael Oden and seven year old Breck Richard Oden.


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Ronald N. Wall
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