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These are picture I found or received in 2013.  They may have been taken on any date.  I try to put a date on all that I know.



Our year began with the birth of our first great granddaughter - Arya Marie Nanhoo, born January 4th to granddaughter Ashley and Roger Nanhoo.
(Jan. 04, 2013)

Arya at age two months (Feb. 04, 2013)

February 6, 2013 - Historic Florence, Arizona about eleven miles south of our home. The History of Florence goes back to the days of the wild west and the early boom in minning. Today, the majority of its "residents" live in the state prisons just east of down town.

The old Pinal County court house in the middle of Florence.  It is now used as an administrative office.  The present court house is on the north edge of town in a modern building, along with the  sherrif's office.

The "old" Florence Hospital where grandson Michael Wall was born in 1986.  A scene in "Murphy's Romance" starring James Garner and Sally Fields, filmed about the same time, shows them walking by the nursery where the nurse who attended Mike's birth is seen behind  the nursery window.

A short distance from Florence is the ghost town of Adamsville. In the 1870's this was the typical old west town, with a reputation for knife fights and killings. In 1874 the Gila River flooded (the river bed, which is just behind these ruins is today dry. All the water is now diverted into irrigation canals a few miles east of Florence). In a series of floods the town was destroyed and most of the adobe buildings washed away.
(Feb. 06, 2013)

All that is left of the town today is the building shown in the picture above and the partial walls of another building shown here along with a pile of rubble (next picture). At one time, the town had a flour mill, on which most of the town's economy was based, and a saloon or two and a few homes.
(Feb. 06, 2013)

The only other evidence of Adamsville is the pile of rubble behind the palm trees.

East of the ghost town, on the Adamsville Road coming out of Florence, is the old Adamsville Cemetery. There are several old headstones standing, but there appear to be many unmarked graves. The remaining headstones date mostly from the 1890's to the early 1900's.
(Feb. 06, 2013)

There appear to be two parts to the cemetery; the old part has no grass. The section in this photo has very few headstones but does have graves with markers of sorts but few inscriptions. A portion of on the east side in this section has been badly eroded into gullies with several washed-out graves from water running down the side of the hill on the south side of the cemetery.

Two large rocks with this memorial plaque mark Oury's grave in the Adamsville Cemetery. Sue and I had heard of this grave but were never able to find the cemetery until we accidentally discovered it as a friend and I drove from Florence to the ruins of Adamsville.

This is the grave of Capt. Granville H. Oury who raised a company of Arizona volunteer cavalry during the Civil War.Few people realize that the Confederates recruited volunteers in Arizona. The only Civil War battle in Arizona was the battle of Picacho Peak and Oury's command was present. The Confederates lost the battle. Over the years before and after the Civil War, Oury was a judge for the New Mexico Territory (which included Arizona), a delegate to the Confederate Congress, a representative in the Territorial Legislature and U.S. Congress.

One of the older headstones in the older part of the cemetery.  The emblem I'm pointing to indicates Wm. Harvey, MD had served in the Navy, probably during the Civil War.

Unmarked grave, Adamsville Cemetery

I might be getting a bit old for climbing mountains; Pinal Mountains a short distance east of our home and about fourteen miles north of Florence, Feb. 11, 2013 - more pictures of the desert in the Pinal Mountains on the  following pages.

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