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These are pictures of our family in the year 2010

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The year 2009 ended with a New Year's Eve visit from daughter-in-law Denise and granddaughter Nichole. 

Nichole making friends with Mocha, 31 December 2009

What Mocha gets, Pascal has to have too.
31 Dec 2009

Neighbor dog Max had to come over to see what was going on.


Nikki with one of our Rhode Island Red chicks that we bought a week or so earlier

Nikki and grandpa with our new Rhode Island Red chicks

(L->R) Our frizzle rooster Curly that Denise renamed Rock Star (because of the hair do); Rufus, our Japanese bantam rooster; two unnamed silky-bantam mix hens

All dressed up and no where to go.  I was supposed to go to an event in Queen Creek as the webmaster for KJ's Horsemanship, but the event was cancelled at the very last minute.  Picture taken at Art's house 20 Jan. 2010

Look closely or click on picture for a larger image. This is an Arizona borrowing owl sitting on a dead tree branch.  These tiny owls are native to the Sonoran desert.  This one took up residence in a borrow just across the road from my house.
15 February 2010

I've circled the little fellow in this photo, click on picture for a larger image.  He is trying to lead us away from his borrow, which is out of the picture on the left.

He finally flew back to his borrow.  I had to take this at maximum zoom because he would not allow me to get too close.  Although, when on horseback I can ride up to within three feet of him.  Somehow he knows that I'm no threat on horseback, but dangerous when on foot!

This is the best picture I captured of him (or, her?) standing above its burrow in the side of the ditch.  These critters are about the size of your hand.
15 Feb. 2010

This is Mocha with her winter coat.  By this time (19 Feb. 2010) she had regained all of her weight.
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